Picturing Pentecost                                                

Sunday, June 12th, 2011 was the Feast of Pentecost: the celebration of the coming down of the Holy Spirit and the day known as the Birtthday of the Church. This year, apart fromn the usual liturgical festivities, it was also the day of the annual summer Sunday Schools' Party at St Faith's.


The church was decorated with birthday balloons and hung with paper doves, symbolising the descent of the Holy Spirit at the first Pentecost. After we had sung 'Happy Birthday', not just to those whose birthdays were being celebrated around this time, but also to the whole Church of Christ, there were birthday cakes large and small to go with the usual tea and coffee.

Later that day, it was a case of 'if wet, in the hall' with a vengeance, as our usual good luck with the weather deserted us, Crosby (and most of the UK!) and the children's party was transferred to the church hall, with the mandatory Bouncy Castle, fun and games (including the traditional 'pass the parcel', food (including the traditional jelly) and drinks to round off an exhausting but fun-filled day of celebration.

Read about the meaning of Pentecost and access a series of pages of pictures, prayers and poetry from previous years HERE.

Pictures: Chris Price

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