The Church's Birthday

Pentecost 2009 at Saint Faith's

As in previous years, the great Feast of Pentecost - the coming of the Holy Spirit to the Church -
was celebrated on Sunday, May 31st, with colourful and dramatic liturgy at Saint Faith's.

The church was decked out with Happy Birthday balloons (more than one of which somehow managed
to end up in the rafters afterwards!) There were three baptisms in the course of the service,
and a birthday cake to be ceremonially cut during the service and shared later with the congregation.

Young people took an active part in the special liturgy of the morning.
There were 'goody bags' for the youngsters present (and for those whose actual birthday fell on the day).
As the service ended, the usual weekly singing of that old favourite 'Happy Birthday To You' took on a special meaning...

Pictures: Chris Price

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