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For over a century, the people of St Faith's have marked October 6th as a red-letter day in our church's year.

It is the feast day of Saint Faith, Virgin and Martyr, patron of our church since our founder, Douglas Horsfall, named her as such for the church's consecration in 1900.

In recent decades, October 6th or, depending on the calendar, October 5th, the Eve of the Feast, has been marked by a High Mass celebrating our foundation and our patron, while the days within the Patronal Octave have also been marked by special events: liturgical, musical and social. 

The links below record, in words and pictures,  the celebrations of  recent years. There are also links to a range of other pages, featuring information (and legends) about Saint Faith and her shrine at Conques, in France and details of all the other churches (and places) associated with or dedicated to her in the UK and throughout the world - or at least the ones we know of!   So let us celebrate the Feast!”

                            PATRONAL FESTIVAL 2013
                        Sunday, October 6th - the Feast Day of Saint Faith, Virgin and Martyr.
                                        11.00 am HIGH MASS, followed by parish lunch.
                                   We welcome as our visiting preacher Fr Grant Holmes

Patronal Pageantry 2012... click HERE for the pictures  from the
St Faith's Eve High Mass ... and HERE for Fr Richard Capper's sermon

    The 2012 Patronal Festival weekend

Friday, October 5th (Eve of the Feast of Saint Faith)

7.30 pm Procession and Patronal High Mass.
Celebrant and preacher: Canon Richard Capper, Canon Pastoral, Norwich Cathedral and one time Vicar of St Faith's. Followed by buffet supper.

Saturday, October 6th (Feast of Saint Faith, Virgin and Martyr)

10.30 am Eucharist, followed by Bucks Fizz and nibbles.

Sunday, October 7th (Dedication Festival)

11.00 am Family Eucharist and Parade service
6.00 pm  Festal Evensong, Procession and Te Deum (no sermon!).


                                Lord, for a century of praise
                                Here on this holy ground;

                                For Faith in whose strong sacrifice 
                                Our watchword still is found, 
                                We give you thanks, and ask your grace 
                                For holiness like hers: 
                                To serve your world and keep the faith 
                                Throughout the turning years.

How we celebrated our Patronal Festival in 2011
Here is the illustrated report

Wednesday 5th  October       EVE OF ST FAITH'S DAY

                  9.15pm    Vigil of the Resurrection

Thursday 6th  October: Saint Faith, Virgin and Martyr    ST. FAITH’S DAY

                      12noon      Lunchtime Recital: Neil Kelley (organ)

                     8.00pm     Patronal Festival Procession and High Mass.  Preacher: The Revd Dr Jennifer Cooper

                                                (Lecturer and Tutor in Theology, College of the Resurrection, Mirfield)


 Sunday 9th  October        DEDICATION FESTIVAL

                   11.00 am     Sung Eucharist of Dedication
              6.00pm     Festal Evensong, Procession and Te Deum

.. and in 2010

The Glory of Faith  the sermon preached on the Eve of St Faith's 2010 by the Dean of Worcester

Saint Faith's Day 2010  a page of pictures of the High Mass on Tuesday, October 5th, 2010

Tuesday 5th October – The Eve of Saint Faith, Virgin & Martyr
8.00pm     Procession and Solemn High Mass
                Music: “A little Jazz Mass” – Bob Chilcott (with piano, drums and bass)
                Preacher: The Very Reverend Peter Atkinson, Dean of Worcester, followed by buffet supper in the Parish Hall

Wednesday 6th October – Saint Faith’s Day
11.00am  Church open for light refreshments and lunches
12noon   Midday Recital of popular organ classics – Fr. Neil
7.00 – 9.00pm   ‘Open House’ cocktail party in the Vicarage (please come and go as you are able)
9.15pm   Night Prayer and concluding devotions to Saint Faith

Sunday 10th October - Dedication Festival
11.00am High Mass followed by lunch in the Parish Hall (in aid of the Waterloo Partnership)
6.00pm  Festal Evensong

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