Palm Sunday Panorama 2006

For some years now, the people of Saint Faith's have celebrated the beginning of Holy Week by foregathering a short distance up the road in the grounds of Merchant Taylors' School. There they are given their palm crosses, they are sprinkled with holy water and, escorted by the police, stop the tarffic on the busy A565 while they process behind crucifer, servers, clergy and choir to join those who prefer to sit it out in church for the great Solemn Eucharist of Palm Sunday, whose highlight is the dramatised reading of the gospel story of the events leading up to Christ's crucifixion.

In some years we have been able to get hold of a real donkey, but the beasts are much in demand on Palm Sundays, and instead this year the children carried their own individual donkey heads on sticks! Our photos tell the story of the assembly, the preparations, the readings, the blessing of palms, the holy water (not really a rain dance, of course, but it clearly worked, since the rain held off!), the Distribution of the Donkeys (not yet a part of Common Worship), and the walk down to church, where the beautfully arrayed Nave Altar waited for the service to begin. The preacher for Palm Sunday and for Holy Week and Easter was Fr Aidan Mayoss of the Community of the Resurrection, Mirfield, seen with our clergy outside church near the end of this picture sequence.

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