Bus Pass Blowout

Scenes from the annual Christmas Dinner for the more mature members of the congregations of St Faith's and St Mary's, held in our Church Hall on Sunday, 11th December, 2005.

The food, prepared in  kitchens across Crosby and Waterloo, was served by members of the Catering Committee and helpers lay and clerical, while the drinks were poured by a passing Father Christmas impersonator and other members of the Men's Group, whose fund-raising efforts had helped to finance the day.

Over 90 people sat down to eat, as pictured below. There was much washing up to be done (a rare picture of the website manager doing his bit may be identified below), and carol singing to speed the guests on their way, before the exhausted support team sat down to a belated dinner of their own.

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                                                                                                    Story, pictures and quite a lot of dishwashing: Chris Price

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