'Your table awaits!'

The Late Lunch

The atrocious weather in the weeks before Christmas led to the postponement of the traditional United Benefice Senior Citizens' Christmas dinner.
With Christmas and the New Year duly disposed of, the event took place at the end of January, and some sixty or seventy members of our congregations,
their partners and an assortment of church worthies, duly sat down to dine in style in St Faith's Church Hall on the afternoon of Sunday, January 30th,
enjoying a fine 'Christmas' meal - and some of the latest Christmas puddings and mince pies eaten at St Faith's in living memory.
The day was fine and dry underfoot, so no Senior limbs were put at risk and, as the pictures show, the traditional Good Time was Had by All.

Ready for the off...

'As I was saying to the Vicar...'

'Will somebody please say grace?'

Table by table... they weren't all 'crackers'




The Kitchen Queens

Affairs of state...

And finally....

Pictures by Chris Price

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