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The North Aisle

Although the large windows in the east and west walls of the church are of plain glass, Saint Faith's does have a number of stained glass windows, all but one of which are located in the aisles. The north aisle contains four such windows.

The Saint Faith's window is the oldest stained glass window in the church and is located nearest to the pulpit in the north aisle. It is the most elaborate of the windows; it is dedicated to the memory of Ferdinand Anderton Latham who died in 1902, and was installed shortly after that date. The scroll around the head is inscribed St Faith virgin and martyr. She carries the grid iron upon which, legend says, she was bound and burned; in her left hand is a large martyr's palm. Over the hooded blue gown is an ornately decorated white and gold cloak. Saint Faith has fair hair and wears a coronet of flowers; she stands on a green cushion which sits on a turreted stone battlement. Colourful scrollwork fills the upper arches of the window. The window inscription reads: To the glory of God in dear memory of Ferdinand Anderton Latham who died May 7th 1902. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.The running dog emblem in the window identifies it as being the work of Herbert Bryans, a pupil of Kemp.

The second window in the north aisle depicts St Francis of Assisi and was installed during the early 1930s in memory of C.R. Whitnall, a former Churchwarden. The bearded figure wears a russet gown and in the left hand carries a plain cross whilst the right hand indicates five birds around his sandalled feet. Both hands bear discreet stigmata. The rope of his Franciscan habit carries the three knots of his vows. He has a halo and three flying birds are set against blue-green foliage. The inscription on the window reads: To the Glory of God and in memory of Charles Rowley Whitnall sometime Churchwarden and for many years a constant worshipper in this Church who passed beyond the veil November 25th 1930. This window is given by his fellow worshippers in thankful remembrance of his character and example. R.I.P.

The third window in the north aisle, also dating from the 1930s, has a scroll which labels the figure as St Catherine Virgin and Maryr. This window bears the same dedication inscription as the second window. The figure has a severe look {with faded grey skin} but she is crowned, golden haired and haloed. She wears a clasped red cloak over a golden inner garment and in her left hand carries a small blue book whilst her right hand rests upon the "Catherine Wheel" on which she was put to death. The hangings behind the figure are blue backed with green and with gold tassels.

The fourth, and newest, window, was dedicated in 1999 as part of St Faith's Centenary Celebrations. Dedicated in memory of past worshippers, and funded entirely by a generous anonymous donor, it was designed and made by Linda Walton of Design Light Stained Glass, using various ideas sketched by Eric Salisbury of St Faith's.  The colours of gold, yellow and brown predominate in the design, which has been much praised. It incorporates the building of St Faith's, various appropriate symbols, and words from the well-loved hymn 'In our day of thanksgiving': These stones that have echoed their praises are holy, And dear is the ground where their feet have once trod.

The remaining windows are of plain glass, but since February 2006 the stone windowsill below one of them has housed a statue and a framed certificate.The statue is of Our Lady of Walsingham, seated and with the Christ child on her knee. She is carrying a spray of white lilies. The scroll records the formal association of St Faith's with the Walsingham Shrine. The text, dated 25th February, 2006, reads:

Diploma of Fraternity
The Fraternity of the Holy House of Our Lady of Walsingham and St Faith and Mary erected in the Church of Saint Faith Great Crosby with the Revd Neil Kelley as first Superior