Mothering Sunday 2007 at Saint Faith's

This year's special family service for Mothering Sunday, the Fourth Sunday in Lent, was marked by the usual welcome influx of young people, and more than a few of their mothers - for the 11.00 am all-age worship.

All those present were invited to write the names of mothers - and others - who held special  memories for them as  nurturers and carers, and to attach them to  a board, making what Fr Mark Waters, who designed and led the worship, called the largest possible  Mothering Sunday card to God. Children took an active part in the service, in prayers, responses, and the interactive sermon preached by Reader Cynthia Johnson. And as always, children of all ages, on their way back from Communion, were given flowers for - or in memory of - mothers present and past.

Extra colour this year was provided by the welcome presence of Canon Claudius Leighton Davies and his wife Elizabeth. Fr Claudius is the vicar of the Parish Church of  St Michael and All Angels, in the township of Waterloo, Sierra Leone. Through the growing connections established by the Waterloo Partnership, two Waterloos in different continents are linked by exchange visits, support networks and the sending of a series of containers of goods collected and funded by our local community to hep the people of Sierra Leone as they recover from a disastrous and brutal civil war and work to rebuild their country and communities. St Faith's has been active in the Partnership since its inception, and we have unofficial links of friendship, correspondence and prayer with  the Canon (who is Area Dean of Waterloo, Sierra Leone) and his people there.  As my pictures show, he took part in the service and , at its conclusion, expressed his appreciation for the support  offered by the Waterloo Partnership and by St Faith's


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