Every year, mid-way through Lent, the solemnity of the six-week period of preparation is broken by the celebrations of Mothering Sunday. This is the proper and ancient name for the day taken over by the world as 'Mother's Day'. Although on that day the Church rightly pays tribute to mothers and their love for their families and children, the day has a wider scope and significance. On Mothering Sunday we remember not only others living and departed, but also our Mother Church, and the loving sacrifice of Mary, the Mother of God.

Here at Saint Faith's, as for many past years, the service provided special opportunities for children to take part in our worship. In his sermon, Reader Fred Nye asked the children present to give examples of their mothers' love and care for them, and what they were doing to return that love. The children of our Junior Church made Mothering Sunday cards for their mothers, and, at the end of the service, Fr Neil and Fr Dennis presented flowers to all who came forward, young and old, to be given to their mothers in church or at home, or inmemory of those no longer with us.

Our pictures are of images from the service, including the presentation of flowers and the procession leaving the Nave Altar against the striking background of the High Altar Lenten array.

Words and pictures by Chris Price, March 21st, 2004


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