Standing Order Form

If required, this form may be downloaded, filled in and sent to the Church Treasurer



To the Manager ________________________________________________ Bank


Branch address _____________________________________________________


Please pay to Lloyds TSB plc (sort code 30-99-19, account number 01031622) for the credit of the PCC of Great Crosby St Faith:

the sum of £ ______________ (in words) _________________________________


on the ________________ day of (month) _________________ (year) _________


and thereafter on the same date monthly unless cancelled by me in writing


This order supersedes my existing order to St Faith’s Church.

(please delete if not applicable)


Name of account to be debited

Sort code

Account number






Name _____________________________ Signature _______________________


Address ___________________________________________________________


____________________________________ Postcode ______________________


Reference (name of payee) ____________________________________________


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