Money Matters: Praying in Faith

Heavenly Father give grace to us,
the living stones who form your Church,
to reflect prayerfully at this special time
on our love for You and our neighbour.

Make us mindful of the many gifts You
bestow upon us and we ask that your
Holy Spirit will inspire and direct us
in our choice of giving;
remembering that we are only giving back
that which is truly yours.

Strengthen us Lord to meet this challenge
according to your will.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord who has given
all that we may live.


Lord, we know all things come from you,
And we thank you for the particular material resources
entrusted to us.
Make us wise stewards, we pray,
so we do not lavish our cash on passing glamour,
but rather invest earthly gifts
according to eternal values.


Reshape us, good Lord,
until in generosity, in faith, and in
expectation that the best is yet to come,
we are truly Christ-like.

Make us passionate followers of Jesus,
rather than passive supporters.

Make our churches places of radical discipleship
and signposts to heaven,
then, in us, through us, and - if need be -
despite us, let your kingdom come.


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