The Men's Group at Saint Faith's

...wherein is chronicled, at suitably erratic intervals, the exploits of  a collection of gentlemen of the parish of uncertain age.

CLICK HERE for the happenings at Marske and the surrounding countryside in January 2009, including words and pictures of an evening occasion in evening dress, but with their trousers on...

CLICK HERE to follow the events of the January 2008 retreat weekend at Marske... and marvel at some of the aprons on display.

Following the January, 2007 retreat weekend at Marske, Michael Holland was prevailed upon to allow us to publish his words and pictures of the expedition.
CLICK HERE to read all about it.

The links below give access to earlier events, while the text lower down on this page is best seen as an archive, since it has been clearly overtaken by events

Follow this link for a Footnote to the Men's Group's 2005 retreat

Follow this link for the story of the Communion set (added January 2005)

October 2004 news extra...
go the foot of this page to view members of the Men's Group as the Conquering Heroes...

Outdated introduction to the Men's Group...

For some weeks now (months, actually. Correction: probably 'years'-  Ed), we have been trailing the impending launch of a sequence of pages revealing the story behind one of the church's most distinctive and exclusive societies. So exclusive is it, that the website manager is still waiting for the promised revelations. Until the eagerly-anticipated words and pictures arrive from Men's Group HQ, he is filling the gap with an expanded gallery of pictures from the Marske 2004 retreat, some of which, together with the words below, have already appeared online.  He is confident that, after a suitable further period of prayer and meditation, (and time to dispose of the empties), the assorted worthies will deliver the goods.

'St Faith's people will not need to be reminded that the Men's Group is a fellowship of like-minded gents dedicated to intellectual and devotional pursuits and, of course, to abstinence. However, on their residential weekends in Yorskhire, they obtain dispensation from the rigours of their calling, and, in company with ex-Vicar and honorary member Fr Charles Billington, relax in the country and perfect their skills in emptying bottles. The gallery of pictures below needs little other comment, and portrays the men travelling, weeding, reading, painting (the town?) red, relaxing and generally working up a thirst.'

Pictures added feature various self-explanatory activities in retreat house and public house (and one of Assistan Sacristan Kevin Walsh apparently making a public statement).  The final picture shows Fr Charles as Mayor of Abergele, with his wife Heather and the Men's Group entourage at the mayor-making.

Click on any of the small images below for a larger (and more revealing) picture.

Story: Chris Price
Photos: Geoff Moss

They came, they saw, they conkered...

In a short break from their devotional activities during the recent Parish Pilgrimage to Conques, members of the Men's Group, no strangers to 'double entendres', engaged in a demonstration game of Conquers/conkers. Rick Walker's camera recorded this historic event. Connoisseurs of conkers may wish to click on the images for a closer inspection.


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