The Men go back to Marske

It is some time since we carried news of the venerable St Faith’s Men’s Group. Following their annual retreat in Yorkshire, the editor prevailed upon Michael Holland to share their experiences of their away-days.  Click here to follow the ongoing story of this august fellowship in words and pictures. Most of the latter will feature more of the trademark bottles which the observant may notice in one of the pictures below.

On a more dignified note, the first two pictures show 'David's House' (archive picture - the snow hadn't arrived!) and snowdrops in nearby woodlands. In the images of the House Eucharist (Fr Charles and Paul Jones) the platen mentioned below may be identified. The final image shows some of the 'usual suspects', some more camera-shy than others...

There is a link at the foot of this page to the 2008 visit.....

'A two and a half hour drive up the M6 and across the Yorkshire Moors on a crisp and sunny day resulted in our reaching our destination once again at David’s House in Marske, six miles outside Richmond on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales.

After settling in, Friday was a quiet day until the evening pre-dinner Real Ale tasting session took place. We had a total of 22 different beers to try. For those not familiar with this exercise, sherry glasses are advisable, although we could not find any!

Saturday saw us in sombre mood. Geoff, our chief chef, managed to cook one sausage per frying pan, making it hard work for the washing-up party. We embarked on our discussion session which was entitled ‘The differences between those who have and those who have not’ ie. the unequal distribution of assets and wealth, not only around the world but also in our own country. Are we aware of this? What can we do to address this situation? What more can we do? Fr. Charles expanded the subject by saying materialism is one factor but spiritual poverty is also important, and how can we as a group from St Faith’s increase the inclusion of others, particularly the children, into our Christian lives? This, not surprisingly, opened up a huge and lively debate! This in turn was followed by a quiet celebration of the Eucharist.

The afternoon was still bright and sunny, so we went to the old market town of Richmond to replenish much needed stores. After dinner Kevin organised one of his famous quizzes. Then followed a rehearsal of the pantomine ‘Cinderella’ with Leo, Kevin, Paul, Rick, and Geoff as prompter (all the ugly ones were there!) I am sure the lines spoken were considerably embellished!

'On Sunday morning we always have a Eucharist to coincide with St. Faith’s. In our prayers  we  especially  remembered  those  former  members  who  have  died and whose names are engraved on the paten from the communion set which Fr. Charles donated to the men’s group several years ago (Archie Pattison, George Goodwin, Doug Taylor, John Vincent, (little) John Taylor and John Taylor). Following this, as is now our annual custom, we walked down to the beautiful ancient parish church of Marske to meet the small congregation at the end of their service. We gave them copies of all of the last year’s Newslink magazines which they are always glad to receive and read. Sadly their vicar retired two weeks ago and they are now one of six churches that the Rector of Richmond looks after. Following a brief conversation, Fr. Charles may be able to help with their service when we return next year. Although the church is very old, it has Victorian pew boxes each having their own electric heaters (although I could not see any meters to put the money in!). Their Diocesan Quota for the year is approximately £5,500 - and they are up to date with their payments (and this is with a congregation of six!).

We then retired to a nearby village pub in Downholme for lunch, which was followed by a walk in the country or a siesta and a read of the day’s papers. Monday came and appeared to go just as quickly, prior to Tuesday morning departure for home to Crosby after a very busy clean up. Fortunately this year there were no medical mishaps as in some previous years.'

Michael Holland  

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