Maundy Thursday Watch



Tall arches spanning darkness;

High invisible roof: warm still air.

The shadowed crucifix outlined against carved beams.


And light spilling out through the pillars:

Soft radiance from a firmament of flickering candles,

Gold and white in the night, swaying shadows.

Burnished sanctuary lamp mirroring the arc of fire below;

Dark grouped leaves and boughs, and frozen flowers:

Christ on the altar in Gethsemane.


The dull roar of traffic sounds outside the walls.

Silent worshippers kneel or sit to keep their watch,

With only the rustle of a page, the shifting of a chair

To move the soft silence.

Waiting for death to come to their Lord in the morning

To bring them life.


Footsteps echo quietly down the dark aisle. The vigil

Goes on. The faithful watch with Christ.

Outside the cold midnight brings another Good Friday.

Inside, no time, only the soft shadow of eternity.


Surely, God is here.


Chris Price

St Faith’s, Great Crosby: April, 1973