Maundy Thursday 2009

Maundy Thursday is the first of the three great days (The Triduum)
which lead up to the great feast of Easter Day.
On this night the church recollects and reenacts the events of
the Last Supper, the Crucifixion and the Resurrection of Christ.
At St Faith's, the evening of Maundy Thursday
was marked by distinctive and moving  liturgy. 
The photographs tell the story...

The Gethesemane Garden in the Lady Chapel awaits its worshippers and the Watch till midnight

In the Chapel of the Cross, a circle of stones is waiting...

By the font, another prayer station and trays ready for candles and lights

Twelve people have their feet symbolically washed by the priest while the choir sings 'Christus Factus Est'

The people gather round the Nave Altar for the Thanksgiving and Communion

Here and below: the lights are lowered and  worshippers' candles are lit

In the Lady Chapel, the candles are now lit ready for the procession to the Altar of Repose

After the liturgy, worshippers spend the quiet hours till midnight at the prayer stations

We are invited to extinguish a light around the church  in memory of the darkness Jesus felt on this night

But by the font, candles are lit and placed in the sand to show that Christ's light is more powerful than our darkness

Photos: Chris Price

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