'Ex Cathedra'

or.. The Man for the Ministry Makes it at Last!

Sunday July 1st, 2007 was a red letter day for Martin Jones his family and many friends and all the people of St Faith's and St Mary's.

After many years of  preparation and not a little disappointment, Martin was one of five men and six women ordained Deacon by the Bishop of Liverpool in the Cathedral.  Following the service, he was the centrepiece of a reception in St Faith's Hall, and later again served as Deacon at a special  eucharist at St Faith's. He will serve his title in the parishes of Winwick, Hollinfare and Glazebury, so it is farewell to Martin and his wife Miriam after many years of faithful service between them in choir and sanctuary - although they have promised to return as often as they can, especially on big occasions. All of us in the United Benefice will miss Martin and Mim very much indeed, and we send them every blessing and our prayers for their future ministry. Chris Price's pictures illustrate the day's events.

  July 17th: two further pictures added half way down.

Before the service, a thoughtful ordinand looks foward to this momentous day. As the congregation gathers, he poses for a moment with Mrs Frances Luft, who was to present him to the Bishop during the course of the service. After nearly two hours of splendid ceremony, music words, prayer and sacrament, the now Reverend Martin Jones is seen with Fr Neil Kelley in the nave, and then greets some of the many friends who had shared this great occasion with him.  

  July 17th: Two further pictures, thanks to Jill Deeprose and Miriam Jones. The first shows the gathered clergy waiting to greet their
friends and supporters after the long procession had reached the  of the Cathedral. Martin is speaking to bishop James; the observant may
spot assorted Archdeacons, the Revd Denise McDougall and more than a few bald spots. The second picture shows Martin and  Denise
together - the latest two in a long line of those who have found their vocation in our Church.

Then it was back to Crosby for the bun fight. Martin stands outside the Hall, about to be overwhelmed by the tremendous reception that awaited him.
After much-needed food and drink had been partaken, he was presented with the gift of a cotta from a group of friends, in the person of Shelagh Mulholland. 


The clergy turned out in force, as so often on St Faith's big occasions. The familiar faces in the back row (Fr Mark, Fr Neil and Fr Peter Goodrich) are upstaged by Fr Derek Hyett and three other clergy with strong connections with our churches: Liz Halbert, Denise McDougall and the newly-reverend Martin Jones. Fr Dennis Smith completes the line-up. Then it was time for the official parish presentation and the cutting of the special celebratory cake, created by Mrs Audrey Dawson. Finally, our two most recent ordinands smile for the camera with Miriam and Fr Neil.

To round off a truly memorable day, Martin acted as deacon at an evening eucharist at St Faith's.

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