with Father Martin

Sunday, June 9th was in every sense a red-letter day for Martin Jones.

The latest in a long line of ordinands who found their vocation  at St Faith's, Martin was ordained Deacon
in 2007, and has been serving his title in the parishes of Winwick, Holinfare and Glazebury.
On June 7th he was one of twelve deacons to be made priest at Liverpool Cathedral, supported by a large contingent from his old and new parishes.

This splendid, powerful and moving  service was the prelude to an equally magnificent act of worship at 6 pm that same day at St Oswald's, Winwick.
A coachload of friends (and choristers) from the United Benefice joined his current parishioners for the First Mass of Fr Martin (as he may now be titled!).

After the service, over lavish food and drink, we met and mingled, before Martin was presented with a splendid icon, the gift of his new parishes,
and a chasuble, the gift of the Walsingham Circle of St Faith's and St Mary's. The sun  shone throughout the day and evening
- and without a shadow of a doubt a Good Time was had by All.


Hello everybody!  A huge thank you to all those who have supported Miriam and me at my day
of celebration at the Cathedral and later on in the evening at St. Oswald's.  Not only those who
were there but also those who 'held the fort' back in Crosby and Waterloo. 

It was wonderful for Miriam and I to share worship with you at St. Oswald's - you now can
visualise where we are and what what we're up to!  For those of you who were there you can s
ee that we are in good hands.

Thank you for your generous gifts, they are being put to immediate use!  With our love
and every blessing, Miriam and Martin.

Enjoy the images of a truly memorable day - and at the foot of the page follow the links to chart Martin's
progress to his priesting, and to read Fr Neil Kelley's inspirational address on that occasion.

Photos: Chris Price

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