Kevin Walsh
... an affectionate tribute

On Tuesday, November 25th, 2008, the people of St Faith's and the wider circle of his family
and many friends mourned the sudden death of Kevin Dominic Walsh.

As a tribute to a greatly-loved friend and colleague, this page and associated links feature pictures and
written appreciations of someone who was so much a part of our church community and who is so very sadly missed.

As the photographs well illustrate, Kevin loved life and took pleasure in all that it had to offer
- serving the altar as St Faith's Assistant Sacristan, more recently in the company of acolyte Sue,
performing in our pantomimes, revelling in the company of St Faith's Men's Group
and, of course, in the loving company of his family and wide circle of friends.

The message from all who knew and loved him in our church family is: well done, thou good and faithful servant.

May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

His funeral mass, on the morning of Tuesday, December 2nd, was full to overflowing, with people standing
at the back of church. In an emotional and colourful service, a series of heartfelt tributes were paid to Kevin,
not least being the powerful, and moving quality of the liturgy itself.  There was plenty to rejoice at, not least server
and friend Paul Jones's scurrilous account of Kevin's stay in hospital on a Men's Group retreat, and their encounter
with a spectacularly-endowed nurse.

In the light of this revelation, the final  photo below seems rather tame...

Go the end of the photos for a postscript: 'The Three Graces'.

June 6th 2009 was 'St Kevin's Night'. Click here to read all about it!

  Read the letter sent by Sue, Laura and Grace, then follow the links below for further pictures and tributes.

Kevin Walsh R.I.P.

We would like to thank our wonderful family of St Faith’s and St Mary’s for the support and kindness we received when Kevin passed away so suddenly. We are completely overwhelmed and so indebted to you all.

Our special thanks to the Men’s Group, The Catering Team and all their helpers, the Choir and Servers and Father Neil and clergy for the amazing funeral. Kevin would have been delighted with the beautiful service, the tributes and the fact that St Faith’s was full to bursting.

Kevin was a very special person, who touched many lives. We thank God for his life and feel so privileged to have shared it.

God bless you all,

Sue, Laura and Grace Walsh

Now follow THIS LINK to read a series of tributes to Kevin: the first posted by Rick Walker on December 5th, 2008; a second added by Denis Griffiths on December 6th, 2008; a third by Geoff Moss on December 9th - together with
Grace Walsh's moving poem read at her father's funeral, another from Cathy and Mike Taylor added on December 10th - and Paul Jones's scurrilous tribute as given by him at Kevin's funeral - added on December 13th. Recent additons: tributes from Laura Walsh (December 17th) and Jude and Emily (Decmber 19th).

Then follow THIS LINK to look at a second page of pictures: 'Out and About with Kevin', added on December 8th, 2008




Photos supplied by the Walsh family and Denis Griffiths

Postscript: 'The Three Graces'

Liverpool's world-famous waterfront is marked by three very distinctive buildings, known locally as 'The Three Graces'.
But there are three girls at St Faith's by the name of Grace, and Kevin had wanted to have them photographed and featured in St Faith's Church magazine.
After the recent Christingle service at St Faith's on Christmas Eve, Denis Griffiths caught this image of our very own 'Three Graces'
 (Grace Evison, Grace Walsh and Grace Caesar) in front of the church Christmas tree.

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