Campaigning with Christian Aid for action on Climate Change

On Sunday, 26th October, 2014 members of Churches Together in Waterloo took part in a walk of witness to demonstrate our Christian responsibility for our world and the dangers of climate change. 

The photos show the points in the local area where we stopped to pray.

In Victoria Park, surrounded by the wonderful Autumn colours we have seen this year,
we gave thanks for the diversity of Creation
At Pineapple Greengrocers in St John's Road we prayed for all who produce our food
especially those who are not protected by Fairtrade or whose livelihood is threatened by climate change.
At Waterloo Primary School we prayed for for our children, grandchildren and great-grand children,
who will pay the price and count the cost of the climate change that we have helped to bring about. 
We prayed for future generations who will live in a more hostile environment than we have known
At the Shell petrol station we prayed for those who are affected by overexploitation
of the earth's resources and our misuse of energy supplies
At Park House we stood  by the lake and thought of those who are threatened by drought and by floods.
Finally we prayed in St Mary's churchyard before a welcome cup of tea and a special service of Evensong

Many thanks to Fred Nye for the thoughtful prayers we used, to St Mary's congregation for their warm hospitality.
and to all from the churches of Crosby who supported the walk

A prayer for God’s grace   

Creator God, how deep are your designs!
You made a living earth, cloud, rain and wind,
And charged us with their care.
We confess that the way we live today
Is changing the climate, the seas and the balance of life,
Dispossessing the poor and future generations.
Build our lives into an Ark for all creation,
And, as you promised Noah never to repeat the flood,
So make us heralds of a new rainbow covenant:
Choosing life for all that is at risk –
For creation, neighbours near and far,
Our children and ourselves.