One deacon - three bishops!

The Cathedral photographs
Rejoice with the Rev!

'Rev. Jackie'
has provided us with a gallery of photographs
of her ordination day, taken by the official cathedral photographer.
She has also provided the captions, and we are happy to publish
this vivid reminder of her great day.

She has promised to tell the ongoing story of the final stages of her training,
and her new life down the road at  St Luke's, Great Crosby, in due course.

To access or catch up with the various earlier pages
recording Jackie's journey,  go to the foot of this page

Just before ordination, chatting with Director of Studies, Rev Simon Chesters, now DDO for Liverpool Diocese.

All waiting excitedly for the ordination

With Brenda Cottarel, waiting for the off

Brenda presents me to the bishop

Prayers and promises

Declaration to the church

...and to the people

The moment of ordination

Receiving my licence

...and the Bible

All the newly ordained

Congratulatory hugs and smiles

The Principal from All Saints Centre for Mission and Ministry looking pleased;
 and congrats from Rev Phil, ex St Faith's placement.

Listen to an interview with Jackie on the Diocesan website

The first page of Jackie Parry's ordination record

The second page

'Jackie's Journey' - her reports for our magazine during the course of her training