More Images of an Installation

... the closing stages of the service, the greetings at the back of church, and the refreshments after the service.

Recessional: John Jowett at the head of the choir proceses the length of the church for the final acts

Bishop Richard entrusts the care of the churches to the new vicar at the door

Fr Simon thanks Fr Gregor, then poses happily with the Bishop of Warrington

After divesting themselves of clerical encumbrances, the clergy join the throng for the bun-fight

Assorted clerics and laity enjoy a glass (or two) of wine... spot the family likeness

The vicar, armed only with orange juice, meets the mayor                                                                                      Others make sure they are strategically placed by the wine          

               In the kitchen, two St Faith's worthies wonder how to turn the fan off                                             Tailpiece: not present, but obviously looking forward to future fun and games, is Poppy the dog (courtesy of Fr Simon!)

Photos (except the last one!): Chris Price 

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