The Nave Altar decked out for the Palm Sunday service
The Easter Pilgrimage

Highlights of the journey through Holy Week 2012
at St Faith's from Palm Sunday to Easter

As the gospel is read out, a donkey is held up for a better view

Outside the Hall, choir and cubs, palms aloft, are sprinkled by the vicar!

The sanctuary party head off to Milton Road, while the congregation prepare to follow

Coming in through the main gates, Leo sends the holy smoke aloft, while Gareth lifts high the veiled cross

Servers, priest and people process past the bus stop en route for church

The uniformed organisation members, with their flags, queue to get into the church

The congregation follow them, some still singing and waving their palm crosses

As the service ends, we are enjoined to wave aloft palms large and small as the procession comes down the aisle

Here is the Holy Tuesday performance of Liszt's 'Via Crucis'
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Here is the full schedule of services for Holy Week
(33 services and events between our two churches!)

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