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(the final movement)

Gerard Callacher, Musical Director at St Faith's for over ten years, left his
post at the end
of July, 2006 as he began preparations to train for the
priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church - the church of his upbringing.

He returned to join Fr Neil in a programme of piano duets to end the 2006 Summer
concerts. Following the recital, pefromed to a full and very appreciative church,
there was a
presentation to Ged from members of  St Faith's and St Mary's.

Ged begins his training at Ushaw Seminary, Durham, in September, and we hope very
that he will be able to come back and entertain us as often as his new duties allow.

Below the photos you can read  what Ged said in his farewell speech of thanks after the concert.

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Director (at St Faith's, at the Metropolitan Cathedral, and at leisure!) and to access other
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And Ged Said....

I want to thank everyone who contributed to my very generous gift, which will certainly be put to good use. I first came to St Faith’s when I was 16, and sang as a bass in the choir. I used to play for the 10 am mass at St Joan of Arc and get a taxi to St Faith’s and arrive just in time to improvise during communion and to help Jane Greengrass with the pedals, because she wasn’t an organist.

Then when Jane left I reluctantly too over – and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve had 11 wonderful years at St Faith’s as Director of Music. Like any other job, it’s been a case of trial and error, but that whole process has been very rewarding in so many ways. I’ve been very grateful for the unstinting support of people here who have helped and encouraged me over the years. Fr Richard, who took me on in the first place; Fr George, who started me on the organ and gave me such sound advice and encouragement; Fr Dennis, always keen to offer a kind word of appreciation; and more recently Fr Neil, who has been so supportive and such good fun to work with over the last seven years. Neil has been blessed with an exceptionally keen sense of pitch, and has been quick to spot the odd ‘accidental’ which I hadn’t noticed!

St Faith’s is a very special place. It’s very to take it for granted, but believe you me, there are few churches, if any, that can come near the standard of music and liturgy we have here – certainly on Merseyside. All this doesn’t come without a good deal of hard work, and I’d like to thank the choir for all their tremendous hard work, loyalty and friendship over the years. Choir practices have involved, as well as all the hard work, a great deal of fun and laughter, often outrageous!

The church is more than the choir and clergy, and I’d also like to thank all the people of St Faith’s and St Mary’s for all your support and encouragement: not only regular members of the congregation, but all who come to swell the choir numbers for special occasions, or to attend services and recitals. Many of you often take the trouble to offer a word of thanks to the choir and myself. These comments certainly don’t go unnoticed.

I’d like to say a huge thank you also to Stephen Hargreaves for his wonderful playing and invaluable support as a friend and colleague. Last of all, I’d like to say a big thank you to my family for their unstinting support and love; not only of course during my time at St Faith’s but from the word go.

Please remember me in your prayers as I go forward to begin my priestly formation. I certainly won’t forget you. It’s a case of au revoir, not goodbye. So au revoir it is – and God bless.


Three of St Mary's congregation drink the health of the ex-Director of Music!

Pictures: Chris Price and Bill Tuidhope

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