Furnishings of Faith

In July 1999, we compiled and published a booklet - now out of print - to mark the impending centenary of the foundation of St Faith's. The introduction below, written at that time, explains its orgins and purpose. The index which follows it gives access to the original articles which fornmed the booklet, together with one subsequent addition, and with one or two updates.

Inevitably, there have been changes in the more than ten years since these pieces were written, and we apologise for any inaccuracies or omissions. The line drawings referred to below, which featured in the porinted book, are not at this tnme part of the online ediutioon. Nevertheless, this archive may provide a useful resource for those interested in our church, its history and its many features, whether acquired at its foundation or added over the years.


Since its foundation a century ago, there have been various publications from St Faith’s: magazines, leaflets and a number of histories of one sort and another. However, there seems to have been no attempt yet to write systematically about the fixtures and fittings of the church, other than passing references in magazines to the installation of some of those furnishings, and brief descriptions of them in editions of the current St Faith’s guide booklet.

With the coming of the Centenary, and the emergence of various people with an interest in such matters, we decided to commission a series of articles in the church magazine Newslink on various aspects of what might be termed the hardware of St Faith’s. Those with special knowledge, responsibility, or just interest in various aspects of the subject, researched and wrote about the subjects that now form the Contents page below. There was no particular brief: each writer tackled his or her chosen subject in his or her own way: the resultant anthology therefore has no visible editorial policy and does not bear the mark of a single hand or outlook — but it may be all the better for that.

In these pages, then, you will read something of St Faith’s as a building, and of its artifacts. We hope it will prove both interesting and informative, and that we haven’t missed out anything vital. What is certain is that this is not a definitive descriptive history, but a series of different attempts to explain and inform. You will find things left out, and questions left answered — and we hope that somewhere out there there are further answers waiting to be given and more facts to record for a later edition. Editorial additions to certain articles bring the story up to the date of publication.

In the meantime, this first record of our ‘Furnishings of Faith’ is offered to mark the Centenary of the church. Neither guidebook, history nor devotional manual, it is nevertheless presented as a thankoffering for 100 years of prayer and praise in this household of Faith, for which our contributors, and this writer share (if they share nothing else!) a deep and abiding loyalty and affection. I am more than grateful to the various contributors to these pages, hoping that they will forgive some of my titles for their articles. Especially I thank Eric Salisbury for valuable editorial assistance and, of course, for the series of line drawings which lighten these pages.

Chris Price
July, 1999


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The Architecture of St Faith's
  Eric Salisbury

Coming Out of the Woodwork
- A Feast of Craftsmanship   Chris Dawson

Through a Glass Darkly
  - The Windows at St Faith's  Chris Price

Thoroughly Brassed Off
   Ron Rankin

Embroidering: the Truth   Frances Luft

The Organ at St Faith's
  George Gilford

Joseph Bell and the 'Titanic' Disaster
  Denis Griffiths

Other Memorials, Tablets and Ornaments   Chris Price

The Salviati Reredos
- Angels in Fixed Amazement   Chris Price

Hang Out the Banners
  Audrey Dawson

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