Charity Fun Day 2004

Saturday, July 10th saw the third annual Charity Fun Day in the grounds of St Faith's. The people of Saint Faith's and St Mary's Churches combined again  to raise money for four charitable causes selected by our congregations. This year the charities nominated were the Mersey Mission to Seamen, the Oxfam appeal for the Dharfur Region of Sudan, the Sightline charity and  Amnesty International.

There was as usual a wide variety of stalls selling everything from home-made cakes to bric a brac and books; hot dogs outside and light refreshments in the hall were on offer, there was face-painting, a treasure hunt in the Church and the traditional Bouncy Castle operating in the vicarage garden. An even more hallowed tradition saw the vicar, Fr Neil Kelley, in the stocks, being pelted with wet sponges! Entertainment was provided by the Crosby Scouts Jazz Band and troupes of dancers from the Carmen Maria School.

The weather was disappointing after last year's scorcher of a day: it was cloudy and cool and at times it was damp, which made sitting for long periods as the target of cold water less than appealing. But the weather did not dampen people's spirits, everyone persevered gamely, and, after expenses, well over £1,100 profit was made to be divided between the four deserving causes.

Our photos show Crosby's M.P., Claire Curtis-Thomas, a good friend of our churches,opening the day's events with her son Lewis and enthusiastically participating in baptising the vicar and reducing the stock of the cake stall. Other pictures show the bouncy castle in action, and members of the Men's Group presiding (not surprisingly) over the Bottle Tombola. Finally Fr Neil is seen, possibly contemplating the prospect of a hot bath when finally released from the pillory.

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