The Friends of Saint Faith’s

Below you can read about the recent launch of the ‘Friends of S. Faith’s Church, Great Crosby’. This is a new network designed to link the many friends and supporters of our church who are not members of our worshipping community, by offering them the opportunity to keep in touch with the life of the church and to support its work, worship and mission.

Dear Friend,

The leaflet following this letter, which has been recently sent to many friends and well-wishers of St Faith’s, explains how our Church has played an important role in the Liverpool Diocese, witnessing to the catholic tradition of the Church of England in the Waterloo and Crosby area and providing a meeting point for many community activities. Together with other Anglican churches in Waterloo, we are currently reassessing and planning our future role: we wish to continue the unique traditions of worship that have meant so much to many generations, and to maintain and extend the visual beauty of the church building.  We also intend to provide a wider service to the community of which we are a part.

You may not be aware that it costs £1239 per week to maintain our regular church commitments, or 12 pence per minute!  It is hoped that a new Stewardship campaign amongst our own congregation will bring a significant increase in regular giving to enable us to meet these costs.  However in order to give us a firm base from which to build our future mission we need to ensure that the church’s finances are able not just to meet our routine expenses, but to provide the resources we need for expansion. We feel too that there are many friends of the church who would be proud to be associated with its mission and we have therefore decided to launch an official ‘FRIENDS OF S. FAITH’S CHURCH CROSBY’.
We now invite visitors to this website who may wish to be involved in this development in some way, however small, by making a tax-free donation monthly, quarterly or yearly. You may wish also (or alternatively) to give a one-off gift designated for a particular aspect of church life which is dear to you, such as sheet music for the choir, resources for the summer holiday clubs and Junior Church, candles for our worship. All contributors will be sent a regular free copy of Newslink, our Church magazine, with other mailings with current news when appropriate.  A regular monthly subscription of £20 or more would provide automatic membership of our monthly ‘200 club’ draw. Whichever method you choose for helping our church you will if you are a taxpayer be able to increase your gift by signing a gift aid declaration.

At the end of the leaflet you will find contact details for getting in touch with me or with Mrs Joan Tudhope. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely

Father Neil

Father Neil Kelley
December, 2003




For over 100 years, Saint Faith’s Church has been a witness to the catholic tradition of the Church of England in the Waterloo and Crosby area.
We are an inclusive and welcoming parish with a well-established musical reputation, and have nurtured many people for the priesthood,
the best known being the late Lord Runcie, who became Archbishop of Canterbury.

As well as our regular worship, including daily celebrations of the Eucharist, our Church is at the centre of local life,
being used as a venue for concerts and other musical events.

Our parish hall is used all through the week, both daytime and evening, by a variety of local community groups

But to keep our building and our community activities afloat, Saint Faith’s needs to raise enough money to cover the costs of running such an
active parish and the maintenance of our historic listed building, as well as giving money to those most in need

Can you help us?

Many people who visit our Church, either to worship when away from home, or to attend one of the many events held here, have asked us if there is a way
in which they can contribute to the work of the parish and the upkeep of the building

If you would like to contribute in this way, we would like to invite you to become a Friend of Saint Faith’s

You can make a tax-free donation monthly, quarterly or yearly, and all contributors will be sent a copy of Newslink, our Church magazine.
 All contributions of £20 per month or more will also be given a free entry into our monthly ‘200 Club’ draw.

Would you like to become a Friend of Saint Faith’s Church?


Please write to: Friends of Saint Faith’s, The Vicarage, Milton Road, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 4RE, or email indicating your interest, and giving your name, postal or email address.

If you would like to be sent a Banker’s Order, please contact Joan Tudhope, email Her telephone number is 0151-474 9923.


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