Full House for the Resurrection!
Easter Day 2013

A bright Easter morning saw the congregation boosted by a baptism party to all but fill the pews.
The joyful and colourful ceremonial featured the blessing of the Easter garden beneath the pulpit,
followed by the anointing with holy oil of baby Jack Cookson.

The baptism party moved to the back of the church for the christening itself,
before the baby, his parents and godparents were welcomed into the church on the nave altar platform.

For this special day, the eucharistic focus was on the high altar;
the congregation moved up through the choir to make their communion, while the choir members,
complete with Easter trumpeter, sounded off in the chapel of the cross.
Prominent among the congregation were the children of the Junior Church,
seen posing in our last image at the back of church in their special easter bo

Photos: Chris Price

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