Easter Day
                at St Faith's, 2006

For this greatest of all the Church's feasts, the flower arranging team pull out all
the stops. The space beneath the pulpit is transformed into the Easter Garden, a
nd all over the church striking and colourful arrangements adorn the church's furnishings
and stands. Both Saint Faith (in the nave) and the boy Jesus (in the north transept)
sported lilies for the occasion.

The 11.00 am High Mass of Easter Day was the usual joyful and colourful celebration of
Christ's resurrection. The priests, servers and acolytes transfer for this high day to the
chancel, where they are wreathed in incense beneath the High Altar, before moving down
to the Nave Altar platform for the dramtic reading of the Easter gospel. After the service,
sanctuary party, choir and people enjoy a glass of wine before going out into the sunshine of
Easter day in Crosby.

The evening of Easter Day sees the choral service of Festal Evensong - readings, more
fine music and, as a concession to the sermon-weary after a week of the Word - no sermon!
At the end of a glorious day, the sun lit up choir, servers, acolytes and incense clouds,
before it was all over, the choir stalls were empty and it was time to put the books away
and extinguish the candles

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