The statues await their resurrection. A visit to a second hand shop may be necessary...!


The solemn saga of Holy Week climaxes in the joyful celebrations of Easter Day and the triumphant resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
Our gallery of Lenten and Easter pictures ends with the events of Holy Saturday, or Easter Eve (not Easter Saturday - that's the Saturday after!).

On Holy Saturday morning, St Faith's is always alive with activity, as flowers are lovingly prepared and put in place,
the statues, relegated to the vestry for Good Friday, are restored, hangings, vestments, candles and brasswork are made ready,
the ceremonies of the Easter Vigil rehearsed and all things are made ready for the momentous events to come.

At 8.00 pm that day, the New Fire is kindled and priests and people, who have gathered outside in the dusk, move back into church
as candles are lit and the ancient ritual begins. In due course the Resurrection is proclaimed, and a cacophony of joyful noise
echoes round the church as the lights come on. Afterwards there is wine to drink, Easter biscuits to scoff and fireworks to enjoy. 

Easter morning no longer brings Easter bonnets these days, but is filled with colour, joyful music, celebration and spiritual sunshine.
There are processions, and the children of the Junior Church make their special contribution to the day's festivities.
Finally, the clergy and ordinands, doubtless tired but deservedly happy, pose for their pictures at the back of church.

Alleluia, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

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Photos: Chris Price

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