The Deanery Eucharist 2015

St Faith's' like all Anglican parishes, belongs to a Diocese (Liverpool) and a Deanery (a local group of churches, in this case, Bootle).
Each year a different church hosts a service for the group, and on June 14th it was our turn to welcome the people of the
constituent churches to a Sung Eucharist, at which the celebrant and preacher was Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool, on his first visit to St Faith's.

We see him before the service learning the ropes with the Vicar. The servers pose for a picture, before a procession of clergy
and readers make their way into the vestry. When all was ready, and churchwardens Brenda and Rick had armed themselves,
the long procession, headed by servers Emily and Gareth, processed formally into church.

The remaining pictures show various aspects of the service that followed, with both chapels occupied by attendant robed worthies,
and culminating with the consecration liturgy and the giving of communion.

  Photos: Chris Price

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