Not just a Christmas Present

Fred and Linda Nye

Fred and Linda manage the formidable logistics behind the regular despatch of containers by the Waterloo Partnership to Sierra Leone.
Below, they recount the story of the sennding off of the latest consignment. Their pictures show some of the activity of November 10th, 2007

The Waterloo Partnership's fifth 40-foot container pulled away from the yard at our commercial storage in Bootle on Saturday 10th November: with about 15 strong men helping, it was loaded in less than two hours! It was the start of a four week journey to Waterloo Sierra Leone by road to Widnes, then by rail to Felixstowe, followed by a twenty-two day voyage via Algeciras to Freetown. There our shipping agent arranges for it to be craned on to a lorry to drive thirty miles on the tarmaced highway to Waterloo, where it should be unloaded by our partners around 14th December.

The container was crammed with a varied ten tonnes of donated and purchased goods targeted to support Waterloo Partnership projects. All these projects aim to bring a lasting improvement in quality of life to our neighbours in Sierra Leone, which some five years after the devastating civil war remains one of the poorest and least developed countries in the world.

Thanks to Commonwealth funding, eleven local schoolteachers visited Sierra Leone in February. Since then school links between the two Waterloos have developed rapidly. Twelve local schools have between them given 130 crates of educational resources, enough for every classroom in the 'other' Waterloo. Merseyside Scouts and Crosby Stuart Junior Football Club have sent equipment to their fellow enthusiasts while the Rotary Club donated First Aid kits for schools. Lots of clothes and shoes are on their way for destitute and needy children, and a quarter of all pupils will now have been supplied with school chairs. The load also includes 20 chairs suitable for people with disabilities, 12 digging forks for women subsistence farmers, and 10 sturdy bicycles for HIV workers to reach outlying areas. Canon Leighton-Davies's Anglican Church of St. Michael and All Angels will receive hymn books from St. Mary's and church candles from St. Faith's.

Thanks to regular donors, the charity has for the first time been able to buy medical supplies for the local health centre, which will also benefit from surgical instruments donated by local GPs, and from the generous gift of six new beds. It would not have been possible to get ten tonnes of goods together for the container without the generosity of the local community. Members of St. Faith's have been very supportive in providing help with packing, transport and loading the container, and we are deeply grateful. You know who you are: it couldn't happen without you. Thanks to you all from the Waterloo Partnership here and in Sierra Leone.

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