Conques and its Treasures

The colourful story of Conques and Saint Faith - Sainte Foy - is told on the previous page: 'Images of Conques'. The further selection of illustrations below places Conques in its geographical context and again shows the great abbey, with, in the second picture, the statue of Ste Foy being carried in procession.

This dramatic richly-decked statue is the chief of the mediaeval treasures of Conques, the story of whose unlikely survival forms part of the extract from Freda White's book. Our remaining pictures show some of those treasures, including not only the unmistakable statue reliquary holding our patron saint's bones, but also the 9th century Pepin Reliquary: small wooden casket covered with beaten gold and filigree and cloisonne work. The treasures are not housed in the Abbey itself, but are on display in a house nearby.

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