Images from a Pilgrimage 1

The Saint Faith's party have brought back photographs, words and memories.

On this and the following pages you can see images of their days at Conques, beginning on this page with Denis Griffith's pictures of members of the party in the village, outside the Abbey and, of course, eating and drinking. The second page shows internal views of the Abbey and some of its features, and the picturesque village of Conques and its pastoral surroundings. Subsequent pages showcase some of Joan Tudhope's pictures, and the text of Fr Neil Kelley's 'Faith, Hope and Love' addresses delivered during the pilgrimage.

For a different 'take' on the pilgrimage, follow this link to the St Faith's Men's Group pages to see certain male pilgrims playing conkers (Conquers!)

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The second batch of Denis's photographs present various external views of the great Abbey at Conques, in its setting amongst the narrow, steep streets of thre village and from further afield.

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Conquers, anyone?

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