The Panto Programme

The United Benefice Dramatic Society

St Mary’s Church Hall, Waterloo Park

Sunday, February 11th at 2.30 pm
Sunday, February 11th at 7.30 pm
Monday, February 12th at 7.30 pm
Tuesday, February 13th at 7.30 pm
Wednesday, February 14th at 7.30 pm

in order of appearance

Cinderella   Baron Hangover’s daughter and kitchen maid   Zoe Taylor
Baron Hangover   Cinderella’s father and Baron of Hangover Hall  Rick Walker
Baroness Hangover   Cinderella’s evil Stepmother   Judith Skinner
Frankensteena   Cinderella’s nasty ugly sister   Paul Jones
Draquella   Cinderella’s other nasty ugly sister   Leo Appleton
Buttons   Servant in Chief at Hangover Hall   Philip Jones
King Dingaling   King of Waterloo   Kevin Walsh
Crosby Herald  Herald to Prince Charming   Margaret  Davies
Prince Charming   Handsome son of the King of Waterloo   Laura Walsh
Dandini   Friend of Prince Charming   Jake Cureton
Fairy Godmother   Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother   Sue Walsh
Rocky   Debt Collector   Grace Walsh
Bullwinkle   Debt Collector   Chelsea Jones
Mighty Atom   Debt Collector   Emily Skinner
    Ghosts and Guards   Ghosts of Hangover Hall/Guards of the Prince
Daniel Dew and James Lunt

Farmers  Farming friends of Cinderella
Heather Gorman, Emma Foy and Charlotte Dew

Chorus/Farming Friends/Ballroom and Wedding Guests
Charlotte Dew     Daniel Dew
Emma Foy     Heather  Gorman
Emily Lee    Rachel Linacre
James Lunt     Angela Price
Beckie Roderick     Doreen Whitlow

Jay Ashcroft    Claire Burke
Kirsty Porter    Joanne Pringle


Producer/Director   Leo Appleton
Assistant Producer   Lillie Wilmot
Backstage and Stage Manager; Scenery, Properties and Make-up 
Marie Griffiths
Assistant Stage Manager  Victoria Griffiths
Front of House Manager  Chris Price
Prompter Geoff Moss
Choreographer  Sylvia Stubbs
Costumes  Margaret Houghton, Christine Spence and Cathy Taylor
Piano/Sound Effects  Ann Dickinson
Drums  Tony Piert
Stage and Lighting Effects  James Wright
Chaperones and Helpers
Lynda Dixon, Linda Nye, Joy Roderick, Christine Spence,
Cathy Taylor, Joan Tudhope, Jill McElroy
Refreshments  Dora Whitehead and team
Rehearsal Catering Lynda Dixon
Front of House Team
Ron and Laura Rankin,  Bert Whitehead, Gary Moiser and Howard Whitlow
Ticket and Programme Design, Print and Sales Chris Price

Very many thanks to everyone who helped with
the provision of costumes: members of the cast,
the production team and both churches,
as well as friends and volunteers.
Grateful thanks also to all who have helped
with scenery painting, refreshments and front of house
and in any other way.

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