...the Movie!

Clips from Chris Price's camcorder recording of the Monday night show.
 Click on any title to watch the songs and the action.
These are large wmv files which may take quite a long time
to download and play - broadband users only! 

Cinderella solo  Zoe Taylor sings 'When you wish upon a star'

2. The Hangovers' love song  Rick Walker and Judith Skinner serenade one another.

3. The final moments   Walk-down and rendition of 'Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!'

4. The ugly sisters sing  'Keep Young and Beautiful (fat chance!)

5. Buttons belts it out  'Bring me Sunshine' (with the chorus)

6.  'Come on over to my place' An invitation from Dandini, Prince Charming and the Crosby Herald

7. 'Be my Guest' An invitation by Cinderella and the Chorus

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