Christian Aid Week Service at Saint Faith's

There is a service in Saint Faithís to pray for the work of Christian Aid on Sunday 22nd May at 6.30pm, attended by Christians from other churches in Waterloo. All are welcome.
This year, as every year, members of the congregation, together with people from most of the local Christian churches,  are delivering envelopes to the houses of Waterloo and Crosby and collecting money for the cause.

Follow this link to access the Christian Aid website, with news, background information, and a wide range of resources for use not just during the annual Week, but throughout the year.

Words and Prayers for Christian Aid Week

Opening Acclamation from the Christian Aid Service

Let all that is visible worship the Lord!
High mountain ranges and leaves on the tree,
Microscopic creatures, sky-scraping towers,
Cascading waters and stars in the sky,
Colours of the rainbow, people of the nations,
Lightning and landscape, sunset and shadow:
Greatly give praise to the One who created you.

Let all thatís invisible worship the Lord!
Life-giving oxygen, cool of the breeze,
Electrical current and radio waves,
Scent of the flower and taste on the tongue,
Clamour for justice, mysterious sleep,
Silence and gravity, music and laughter:
Greatly give praise to the One who created you.


Gracious Father,
who sent your Holy Spirit
so that all the world might know the goodness of God;
grant us such gifts as we need
to seek good news for the poor,
peace for those who live in fear,
and justice for all people;
through our Lord Jesus Christ,
who is alive and reigns with you,
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever.

God the Father, come among us;
Praise and thanks to our provider.
Jesus Christ, our friend and Saviour;
Lord of life in all its fullness.
Holy Spirit, breathe upon us;
Make us strong, O Holy Spirit.
Father, Son and Holy Spirit;
Ever with us. Alleluia!

May the life of Africa bring joy to the world:
Spirit of Life in the dust and the sunshine,
Spirit of Life in the sickness and laughter,
Spirit of Life in the friendship and grieving,
Spirit of Life for the workers and traders,
Spirit of Life for campaigners and givers.
The Spirit of Life is Godís gift to the world.

We stand side by side:
collectors and givers,
those who pray and those who campaign,
in Mozambique, Ireland and the UK,
rich and poor united in God,
longing for justice and living in joy,
together we pray:

Holy Spirit of God,
light a flame within me,
burning for justice,
glowing with kindness,
shining with hope
for the end of poverty
and the peace of all people
in this ever-turning world.

May God the Father
bless us with hearts of compassion;
may Jesus Christ
bless us with a vision of a world transformed;
may the Holy Spirit
bless us with gifts to use in Godís service;
and so may each of us rejoice
to know the goodness of the Lord,
now and evermore.




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