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The Chancel Screen

Some 20 years after the church was consecrated, a beautiful carved chancel screen was erected, this being dedicated to the memory of Captain Robert Elcum Horsfall who, as a small boy, had laid the foundation stone on 28 May 1898 and on 20 November 1917 had lost his life during WW1. The dedication is carved at the foot of the screen. The chancel screen, a gift from the founder of the church, was designed by Sir Giles Scott, architect of Liverpool's Anglican Cathedral, and was made by O.E. Griffiths. It depicts four carved figures: St. Chad (the college bearing his name are patrons of the St Faith's living), St. Paul, St. Agnes and St. Catherine (patron saints of three past and present 'Horsfall churches') but it is open and light so that it does not spoil the view of the High Altar and reredos. Seven sanctuary lamps hang above the choir and these can be seen, from the main body of the church, above the top of the chancel screen.

Carvings on the Chancel Screen

St Chad
St Agnes
St Paul
St Catherine
A view of the Chancel Screen looking through to the Chancel showing the south side choir stalls and organ above, and the high altar and reredos in the background.