Centenary Banners
at Saint Faith's
• Introduction
The Centenary Banners were the concept of Mrs Audrey Dawson, who, with a band of helpers, worked to produce two detailed banners depicting various key local and national events over the 20th century, as well as acknowledging and recording past incumbents, curates, ordinands, churchwardens and friends of St Faith's, and giving thanks for the benefaction of Douglas Horsfall, founder of St Faith's.

• Embroidered Names
Different coloured thread has been used to embroider the names of the many people who have strong ties with St. Faith's Church.

 INCUMBENTS of St. Faith's Church - red.
CURATES of St. Faith's - blue.
ORDINANDS from St. Faith's - green.
FRIENDS OF ST FAITH'S - emerald green
CHURCHWARDENS - dark green thread on green background.
The coloured numbers represent the STAINED GLASS WINDOWS in St Faith's.
Purple thread has been used for MONARCHS, who also carry a crown, except Edward VIII who, of course was not crowned King.
Green thread shows the names of well-known BRITISH COMPOSERS of the last century.
FASHION AND TRANSPORT through the century is shown.
At various times BUTTERFLIES made their home in the church and you will be able to spot them on the banners.
The 1900-1959 banner.

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• The 1900 - 1959 Banner
'Our Benefactor Douglas Horsfall'

MICROSCOPE - advancement in medicine.
FOUNDATION STONE laid by Robert Elcum Horsfall in 1898
CONSECRATION of St. Faith's Church in April, 1900.
The splendid Victorian LORD STREET in Southport is beautifully illustrated.
SCOTT'S EXPEDITION to the Antarctic in 1912 where all but two members of the expedition died on the return journey.
The tragic maiden voyage of the TITANIC in 1912 - a plaque dedicated to the Chief Engineer, Thomas Bell, stands in the church.
The FIRST WORLD WAR, 1914 - 1918, is commemorated by a poppy field.
The GENERAL STRIKE of 1926 is shown by a signpost remembering those who marched from Jarrow to London.
The BOY SCOUT movement was founded by Baden Powell in 1907, with the GIRL GUIDE movement following - uniformed organisations started in
    St Faith's in 1920s.
ALEXANDER FLEMING discovered Penicillin in 1928.
The opening of the LIVERPOOL/BIRKENHEAD TUNNEL by King George VI took place in 1934.
JIM BURGESS, faithful and long-serving Verger of St. Faith's, is remembered.
CROSBY URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL, established in 1897, disbanded 1937.
Women won the RIGHT TO VOTE in 1920 and this is shown by the emblem of a black cross.
The SECOND WORLD WAR, 1939 - 1945, is depicted by a Spitfire.
The NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE was founded in 1948.
The WEDDING of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Phillip in 1948.
The FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN was held in London in 1951.
The CORONATION of Queen Elizabeth 2nd in 1953.
In 1953 SIR EDMUND HILLARY and SHERPA TENSING were the first people to conquer Everest.
The 1960-2000

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The 1960 - 2000 Banner
'The Church's One Foundation'

NEIL ARMSTRONG, the first man to set foot on the moon in 1969.
LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB - FA Cup Winners, Season 1964/65.
ENGLAND - World Cup winners, 1966.
EVERTON FOOTBALL CLUB - League Champions 1969/70.
LIVERPOOL MUSIC - The Swinging Sixties, The Beatles, and the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra.
The HORSFALL LADIES founded at St Faith's
The CAMPAIGN FOR NUCLEAR DISARMAMENT is shown by its memorable symbol.
NAVE ALTAR introduced at St. Faith's in 1968.
MEN'S GROUP formed at St. Faith's.
1970 - 1980 ROBERT RUNCIE, an ordinand from St. Faith's, consecrated Bishop of St. Albans.
DECIMALISATION, 1971 - out with £.s.d.
BOROUGH OF CROSBY abolished in 1974.
Annual PROCESSION OF WITNESS between the Anglican and Metropolitan Cathedrals is shown with Liverpool's two cathedrals.
St Faith's HOUSE GROUPS were established in the 1970's.
The ROYAL WEDDING of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips.
In the 1980's there were many memorable occasions both locally and nationally.
1980 - 1991 ROBERT RUNCIE became Archbishop of Canterbury.
WEDDING of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.
WEDDING of Prince Andrew and Lady Sarah Ferguson.
THE POPE visits Liverpool and takes part in a service at the Anglican Cathedral, 1982.
1983 - NIGEL McCULLOCH, an ordinand from St. Faith's, consecrated Bishop.
PASCHAL CANDLE in memory of Jessie Gale.
JENNY KEMP, Mayor of Sefton 1983/84 and 1988/89.
'84 GROUP - Ladies ' Social Group.
FREEPORT opened at Seaforth.
Girls and women join CHURCH CHOIR.
1991 - ROBERT RUNCIE made Lord Runcie of Cuddeston.
RICHARD CAPPER appointed Canon of Wakefield Cathedral
FLOWER FESTIVAL at St. Faith's Church
STATIONS OF THE CROSS commissioned for church.
Flower Festival: ANGEL commissioned and sculpted.
WOMEN ORDAINED as priests in the Church of England.
1995 - RAINBOWS uniformed organisation started at St Faith's.
1998 - VOTIVE CANDLE STAND commissioned and made: given in memory of Elsie Bell.
R.I.P DIANA, Princess of Wales.
1998/99 KNEELERS made by members of the congregation for the Church Centenary. Church WEBSITE created: http/
Bishop David made LORD SHEPPARD of Liverpool.
1999 STAINED GLASS WINDOW given in memory of past worshippers at St. Faith's commissioned and installed.
1999 'CULTURE CLUB' formed.
1999 JOINT BENEFICE of St. Faith & St. Mary established.
1999 WEDDING of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys Jones.
2000 MILLENNIUM DOME opened (and closed!).
Queen Elizabeth the QUEEN MOTHER celebrates her 100th birthday.
St. Faith's BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE is a constant reminder of all past worshippers in the church. 6th October, 2000 DEDICATION OF THE CENTENARY BANNERS dedicated by Bishop Emmanuel Gbonigi, Bishop of Akure, Nigeria.
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the Banners

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Work on the 
Centenary Banners 
was undertaken by

Audrey Dawson
Joan Clark
Angie Price
Joan Utley
Margaret Houghton
Irene Taylor
Fiona Whalley
Carol Lloyd
Val Broom
Edwina Harding
Jenny Moss
Eric Salisbury
Chris Dawson
Margaret Sadler
Margaret Jones
Joan Tudhope
Chris Price 

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