'Where did you get that hat...?'

'The Day we went to Bushey...'

Monday, July 23rd, 2012 was the day Fr Neil Kelley, still technically until then our vicar, became Rector of the parish of Bushey, in the Diocese of St Albans.
An impressively large consignment of folk from 'up north' made the long hot pilgrimage by coach, car and train to witness his collation and wish him well.
En route, those of us who went by coach called in at St Albans to visit the magnificent and vast Abbey, and to visit the burial place
of our most illustrious 'old boy' Robert Runcie, one-time Bishop of St Albans before becoming Archbishop of Canterbury.

These pictures take us up through the Abbey pilgrimage to the welcome and pre-service light refreshments in Bushey, and to St James' Church,
as we watched the choir rehearse before the service. For the rest of the images, click here or follow the link below

For a fuller account of the day's activities click HERE

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