'I can see the moon!'

Bobcats in Space!

Working with Rama

October 18th-20th saw the 10th St Faith’s Bobcat Cub Pack enjoy an ‘out of this world’ weekend at our activity centre in the scenic village of Llansannan, North Wales.

During the space-themed camp the Cubs had great fun completing the Astronaut Training Programme; solving brain teasers and completing physical challenges to win prizes; launching bottle rockets, building planetary rover models and learning about constellations and their use in science and navigation.

The Cubs particularly enjoyed staying up late to observe the night sky. Thanks to the kind donation of a very powerful telescope by Fred Nye, a keen amateur astronomer and member of St Faith’s congregation, the Cubs had a fantastic opportunity to observe the moon in fascinating detail. The Cubs also learnt to recognise the constellations in the sky overhead, saw the International Space Station fly past and observed an ‘ice halo’ around the moon, a rare and beautiful natural phenomenon.

Along with the space themed activities were the usual Cub camp traditions. Songs were sung at camp- fire, plenty of games were played, sweets were scoffed and new friends made.

A great time was had by all and the Cubs were proud to be awarded their Astronomer Badge at the end of the weekend. Everybody touched down at home tired but happy and looking forward to the next adventure!

Jenny Wilson (Rama),
Space Camp Leader

Astronaut training

A note from Akela Mike

On behalf of the other Leaders and myself, I would like to thank Jenny for organising such a wonderful and memorable camp. The highlight for me was the reaction of the Cubs as they saw the nearly full moon through the telescopes – they were amazed! Well done ‘Rama’.

                                        Rocket launch                                                                                        Lunar rover

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