Breakfasting for Sierra Leone

The morning of Saturday, June 24th, 2006, saw the second Big Breakfast for Sierra Leone.

Rick and Rosie Walker welcomed some forty fasting friends to their house and garden  in Mayfair Avenue, Crosby,  where they enjoyed good food and good company for the morning. The aim was to raise funds for the ongoing work of the Waterloo Partnership, the admirable organisation which is developing growing and successful links between our Waterloo and the impoverished township of the same name in Sierra Leone. St Faith's has been 'on board' the Partnership since its inception, and three of the U.K. Steering Committee members were breakfasting, as was Mrs Claire Curtis-Thomas, Crosby's M.P. - Chair of the Committee and inspiration behind the original Partnership project.

The event raised the best part of £300. Chris Price's pictures illusrtate this happy and successful happening. Some of us breakfasted outside under umbrellas, but it cleared up later. You can see Rick and Rosie and their daughter Becky, as well as assorted breakfasters being waited on by some of our young people (many of whom, appropriately, are church servers seconded to serving sausages for the day!) Finally, the inevitable raffle was drawn and some at least went home with a prize - although everyone will have gone home happy in the knowledge that they had done something to help what is still the poorest country in the world.


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