The postings below tell the stories of successive arrivals of the Bears that are destined for the Teddy Bear Trail at St Faith's.

In all, some 19 bears were paraded and commissioned at our Patronal Festival service on Sunday, October 9th, 2016, and two more came along later. To read about this extravaganza and see pictures of the action, click HERE.

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As posted on the Liverpool Diocesan website and the weekly bulletin, with thanks to all concerned!ou go down to the woods today..

The congregation at St Faith's Great Crosby were in for a big surprise as some two dozen teddy bears have made the church their home in a Teddy Bear Trail.

The installation owes its origins to a visit by St Faith’s Men’s Group to the church of St Gregory, Bedale, where a similar trail inspired them.

Each bear positioned around the church represents a feature of the life of St Faith’s. There is Bertie the choir bear, Alice the Chalice, Nigella Pawson the catering bear, Prudence the PCC Secretary bear, Angie the Junior Church Superbear, and more besides. Each bear also has a plaque next to it to explain what each real-life character or group does in church, inviting the young (and the young in heart) to learn more about the full and varied life of St Faith’s.

The bears are sure to be an extra attraction at the forthcoming and popular Christmas Tree Festival also at St Faiths. As the church continues to recover from difficult times in recent years and looks forward to the appointment of a new vicar, they are happy to show that St Faith’s, under God, is alive and well and continuing to be a bigger church making a bigger difference.

October  14th, 2016

The Bear Necessities

The Teddy Bears of St Faith’s, Great Crosby

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The unfolding tale of the Teddy Bears at St Faith's...

1 Joseph the Marine Engineer Bear

Keep an eye on this page as we upload information and, as they are created,  pictures of the Teddy Bears of St Faith's.

To make a start, below is the text of an article in the June 2016 edition of our magazine 'Newslink' introducing the idea.

My name is Joseph

I am a Marine Engineer.

Close by me you will see the memorial plaque to Joseph Bell,
the Chief Engineer of the TITANIC who was killed,
with all of Titanic`s other engineers when the ship sank in 1912.
Joseph Bell and his family were regular worshippers at St Faith`s.

"For those in peril on the sea..."

St Faith's Men's Group

On the far wall you can glimpse the memorial brass to the real Joseph Bell: heroic Chief Engineer of the Titanic and a one-time worshipper at St Faith's. To read about him and the story of the ill-fated ship, click HERE.

Have You Been Down to the Woods Today?

Well, in a few months time you won’t have to visit the local forests to meet a whole family of bears! You may have seen the first bear proudly sitting on a windowsill in church by the Titanic memorial brass. His name is Joseph and he has been named and dressed by the Men’s Group who originally came up with the idea.

Over the next few weeks I will be giving an identical bear to several groups and asking them to dress him or her appropriately to demonstrate the link between that group and St Faith's. Once dressed, the bear must be named and found a home somewhere in church, along with a small plaque explaining why that particular bear should be part of the St Faith's family. I’ve a list of over a dozen groups already, and if I’ve not spoken to you and your team soon then come and ask. I’ve lots of bears looking for a home!

Fr Dennis has agreed that the whole family of bears will be welcomed at our Patronal Festival in October. Once the Bear family are suitably installed, we will create a “Teddy Bear Trail” for visitors to follow and discover what the wider family of St Faith's get up to!

Rick Walker
June 2016



2 Corporal Jones Bear Reporting for Duty!

There is a new recruit to the Teddy Bear Trail.  "Corporal Jones" has been "posted" to duty in the Chapel of the Cross. He  is just awaiting his full movement order, the arrival of his Corporal’s stripes, medal ribbons and cap badge before he takes up his position near to the British Legion standard and guard duty by the Poppy Wreath.

There is no need to panic (Mr Mainwaring!) he will be there and all will be safe and calm!    

To read more about our Services Family Support Group, sponsors of our bear, see our website pages: 


Eunice Little
July 2016

3 Introducing Angie the Superbear

The third teddy to put in appearance is now installed in the children's play area near the font. Her role is to preside over our work with children in the past and in the years to come, and to celebrate all that Angie, together with her fellow teachers and helpers over the years,  has done for our Children's Church. When dedicated at the 2016 Patronal Festival, along with the other bears, she was accompanied by an explanatory plaque. She has been created, decorated and clothed by Denis and Victoria.The website manager has successfully suggested that a label should be attached to her, saying   'Price' tag   (!)

August 2016

4 James the Churchwarden Bear

Good day to you all.

My name is James and I represent one of the first two Wardens of this splendid new church that Mr Horsfall has built here in Crosby.
People thought he was a bit odd wanting to found such a large church here in the middle of a field when there are only a few houses around, but he thinks that over the next few years things will change: he is anxious that what is known as the Oxford Movement will flourish and St Faith's will become an important part of the Crosby community.

I don’t know whether his “Faith” in the future will flourish, but then I suppose that it is up to me and you to make sure that it does!

Well, after over 100 years, I’m looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible at the St Faith’s Day service on 9th October this year when I will be returning to St Faith's along with many of my friends and other supporters of the church. Will you be there to welcome us “home” and find us somewhere to rest our weary (and rather furry) bodies?

See you in church I hope,


September 2nd, 2016

5 'Alice the Chalice'

Alice Bear represents the eucharistic ministers, whose job is to help administer the consecrated wine at our main Sunday service. She is holing the chalice in one paw, and a folded cloth for wiping it in the other.

September 26th, 2016