Advent Services from St Faith's, Great Crosby, on BBC1 Television : 2005


Words and pictures: Chris Price

The British Broadcasting Corporation came and went! We endured months of preparation, a week of non-stop activity and two days of recordings; then a week or waiting followed by two successive Sunday morning broadcasts on BBC One Television.

The whole experience was fascinating and the final result worth all the effort. Our people naturally spent most of the time looking for themselves on the box, then pausing the video and re-running those bits. We saw St Faith's at its best, with dramatic shots and creative camera angles, powerful liturgy, words, readings, sermons and music - and generally something to talk about and recall for a long time to come.

The illustrated story of the preparations was posted online more or less daily basis, and is now archived. By following the links below visitors may capture - or recapture - something of what it was to be part of this unique enterprise.

Follow this link to begin at the beginning, then follow other links to continue and complete the story.

Follow this link to read the sermon that was actually preached in St Faith's on the Fourth Sunday in Advent.

Finally, follow this link for a 'postscript' page containing an article from another church magazine in January, 2005.

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