Close Harmony and All That Jazz
Last year saw the first evening of close harmony and jazz presented at St Faith's to raise funds for local charity the Waterloo Partnership, four of whose trustees are currently members of St Faiths' congregation. It was a great success both musically
and financially, so a further session in 2012 was obviously good idea! Close harmonist Rick Walker, organiser of both events,
brought the Wayfarers Barbershop singers and the Timepiece Jazz band, both from Southport, to strut their stuff at St Faith's
on Friday, 21st September, and the pictures show the colourful and highly entertaining event.

Scroll down to the end of the pictures for Rick's fuller account of the evening and what it achieved for
the Waterloo Partnership  - and follow the link below that for the story of the 2011 pioneering event,


Photos: Chris Price

Harmony & All That Jazz II

Question – “How do we follow the huge success of Harmony & All That Jazz last year?”

Answer - 
a) Put up our communal feet and congratulate ourselves.
b) Do nothing and wait for someone else to come up with an idea,
c) Do it again!

I suppose it was inevitable that option c) was bound to be chosen since, despite the money raised last year, the problems in Sierra Leone were still there – disease, poor water, lack of schooling, shortage of food etc.

I had paid a return visit to Waterloo Sierra Leone this spring on behalf of the Partnership, and could see the huge improvements that we have made between us in so many areas: another school being built, another well pumping cool clear clean water for 50 or more homes, smiling children in their school uniforms, eating hot bread from the new bakery. The need to continue giving support to help these wonderful people was obvious and a challenge for us all.

So I was delighted when St Faith’s agreed to a second Harmony and Jazz evening, and equally delighted when members of the Wayfarers Chorus and the Timepiece Jazz Band enthusiastically agreed with the plan.

And what a great evening it was! The Chorus had a number of new songs under their waistcoats reminding us what a “Wonderful World” we live in and Timepiece donned their black hats and took us down the Traditional Jazz route to St Louis and all points south!

Following on from the strenuous finger exercises of last year, the training of the audience continued with singing a four part round. “Make New Friends” went the appropriate lyrics, and after only minimal rehearsal we produced a fine sound that would make Gareth Malone green with envy!

So with my grateful thanks to Rosie for her excellent supper, my friends at the back of church for their help, raffle donors for their support, the Wayfarers Chorus, Timepiece, St Faith’s and of course the wonderful audience, I was delighted to put 600 more pounds in the bank in support of the Waterloo Partnership.

Rick Walker

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