'Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink!'


What do we want from our back of church development? Perhaps we would all agree that good food with lots of choice is at the top of the list, followed by tasty snacks, tea and coffee and ‘home-baked’ pies!

But I think we can all agree that we’ve got all that now so why are we spending all this time and trouble on something new?

As the years have passed, the need for more domestic facilities in church has changed. We are seeing more and more concerts, Saturday recitals, Parish lunches, our Christmas Tree Festival and all manner of other uses for the church building that Mr Horsfall could not have imagined – in addition the need to provide helpful and friendly access to the church for all.

To meet the demands of a modern congregation, audience or gathering, to enjoy our wonderful church we badly need several new facilities:

* A decent kitchen with fridge, freezer, hot and cold water, storage and a decent dishwasher is just one item on the list.

* Toilet facilities (including disabled) must be included.

* The main doorway to church has to be made easier for all – too many doors and steps or ramps are not acceptable any more.

After talks with our architect and the diocesan adviser on fund-raising and planning, we believe that we have a solution to all three problems that will see St Faith's fit and ready for the future. The overall plan can be seen on the board at the back of Church, and the sketch here shows a view of the proposed kitchen seen from the steps of the font as drawn by Eric Salisbury.

You will see that the kitchen is actually built into the side aisle with a servery facing into the church. Through the doors on the left will be two toilets with storage in an ante-room in what is now the North Porch.

In the main entrance in the South Porch we are considering a gentle ramp into church and although the existing oak doors will be retained, the inner doors will hopefully be automatically-operated sliding glass to allow much more light into the building and remove the uncertainty of which door to open!

As you can imagine, the cost of these modifications will be significant, but we already have some legacy money and a very generous gift from St John’s Church, along with some of the proceeds from our own catering. We are now able to progress to the next stage of the project – final design and planning approval, and, with the help of a grant we can plan to start building within the next year.

Rick Walker