St Faith's Fabulous Four


Helen Kibbey writes:

On Monday 18th June 2018, four of our Leaders from 10th Crosby “St Faith’s” Scout Group were presented with awards from the Scout Association for their commitment, dedication and good service to scouting as a volunteer. Our four Leaders were part of 12 Leaders from Crosby & District who received awards.

All the Leaders in scouting are volunteers. The Leaders run scouting activities in addition to their full-time jobs and families. They give up their time each week to run scout nights, and to have days out and nights away opportunities for all the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Young Leaders in the group.

The evening was a celebration of all adults who volunteer in the Merseyside County who were recipients of awards from the Chief Scout. Unfortunately Bear Grylls (Chief Scout) was not able to present these awards in person and they were given on his behalf by the County Commissioner for Merseyside Scouts, Peter Oliver.

> George Cunningham, Scout Leader and Jennifer Wilson (aka Rama), Cub Scout Leader received the Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service. The Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service is given in respect of not less than five years good and outstanding service.  It should be regarded as the Chief Scout’s recognition of the very real contribution made to the Scout Association by the individual concerned.
(That's her on the left and him on the right above)

> Helen Kibbey (aka Hathi) Beaver Scout Leader/Cub Scout Leader and Assistant District Commissioner Beaver Scouts for Crosby and District received the Award for Merit. The Award for Merit is given for outstanding service of not less than 12 years and 10 years exceptionally.  It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period.

> Mike Carr (aka Akela) Cub Scout Leader, Local Training Manager for Crosby District, received the Bar to the Award for Merit. The Bar to the Award for Merit may be awarded after a period of not less than five years of further outstanding service.

Congratulations and well done to all.

Helen Kibbey

The family of St Faith's offer their warmest congratulations and sincere thanks to the Fabulous Four Leaders whose achievements Helen outlines above.

We are more than fortunate, at a time when there are fewer and fewer young people in or associated with churches, not least our own, to have such dedicated leadership at the helm of our uniformed organisations. They, and those who serve alongside them, deserve our gratitude and prayers.