'Hunger and Thirst after Righteousness'

The Ascension Day Breakfast 2005


For some years now, St Faith's has marked the Feast of the Ascension with a full Sung Eucharist at the traditional early hour of 6.30 am. Clergy, choir, servers and congregation turned up as usual this year, as did Fr Toby Sherring, from St John's, Tuebrook, Liverpool, announced as the first visiting preacher brave enough to respond to the vicar's challenge and grace us at this early hour, and joining some 45 other early birds in the Sanctuary.

Following the full choral service, at which more than one voice was audibly strained, all were rewarded by being invited to partake of another recent tradition: breakfast at the vicarage. As may be seen, the food was much enjoyed.

Following the proper celebration of this high day in the church's calendar, those present undoubtedly then remembered that it was election day, and called in to make their mark on the way home to recover.

Words and pictures: Chris Price


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