The Parish Church of Saint Faith, Great Crosby

Anno Domini

In recent years, St Faith's APCM has been held on or near to St George's Day. This year's APCM took place on Tuesday, 23rd April.

The APCM is a statutory meeting which reports on the previous year's activities and elects people to various roles. See the final link below for more details of what happens and why.

HERE is the official report to the Diocese for the year 2012, together with the full financial statement, as presented at the 2013 APCM

HERE are the agenda for the 2013 meeting and the minutes of the 2012 meeting

HERE is the (lay!) Chairperson's report on the year 2012 as presented to the 2013 meeting

HERE are the Church and Community reports,  as presented to the 2013 meeting

is the index page for all archived APCM meetings since 2005, together with explanations of the procedure and significance of this annual exercise in Anglican democracy

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