The 2009 St Faith's
Annual Parochial Church Meeting

Wherein may be read what happened at the meeting held on Thursday,  23rd April, 2009.
Coming soon: the Vicar's Annual 'State of the Nation' report
Linked below: four previous meetings (for masochists and historians only)

of the Parochial Church Council for the year ended 31 December 2008

Administrative Information

Saint Faith’s Church, Crosby Road North, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 4QQ.
The correspondence address is: The Parish Office, 32 Brooklands Avenue, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 3XZ.
Incumbent:              Fr. Neil Kelley
Assistant Priests    Fr. Peter Goodrich
                                Fr. Dennis Smith
                                Fr. Mark Waters (* resigned 8 February 2009)
Readers                 Dr. Fred Nye
                               Mrs. Jackie Parry
                               Mrs. Cynthia Johnson
Wardens                Mr Leo Appleton (* resigned 3 March 2009)    
                               Ms Kari Dodson        
Deputy Wardens   Mrs Judith Moizer
                               Mrs. Rosie Walker    
Secretary              Mrs Judith Moizer
Treasurer              Mr. David Jones
Deanery Synod    Mr. Ken Bramwell
Representatives  Mrs. Joan Tudhope            
Elected Member  Mrs. Val Broom (to APCM 23 April 2008)
                              Mrs. Sue Walsh (to APCM 23 April 2008)
                              Mrs. Ruth Winder (to APCM 23 April 2008)
                              Mr. John Knight (to APCM 23 April 2008)
To retire 2009      Mr. David Jones
                              Mrs. Judith Moizer
                              Mrs. Christine Spence
                              Mrs. Rosie Walker
To retire 2010      Mr. Denis Whalley    
                              Mrs Margaret Houghton
                              Mrs Maureen Madden
                              Mr Gareth Griffiths
To retire 2011      Mr. Martin Caesar
                              Mrs Sarah Evison
                              Mr. Michael Broom
                              Mr. Michael Taylor
Bankers:               Lloyds Bank plc., 101 South Road, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 0LS
Independent Examiner: Raymond Bissex FCA, The Vicarage, 4 St Andrew’s Rd., Bootle, L20 5EX
Architect: Robbie Bell, Saunders Bell, Sherwood Road, Crosby, Liverpool, L23 7UF
Day to day management control of the church is exercised by the incumbent and the churchwarden, Fr Neil Kelley, and Ms Kari Dodson, contactable via the Parish Office, 32 Brooklands Avenue, Waterloo, Liverpool, L22 3XZ.  Tel and fax: 0151 928 9913

Structure, Management and Governance

Saint Faith’s Great Crosby PCC operates under the Parochial Church Council (Powers) Measure 1956.  The PCC is currently registering with the Charity Commission.
The method of appointment of PCC members is set out in the Church Representation Rules.  All church members are encouraged to register on the Electoral Roll and stand for election to the PCC.
The PCC operates five sub committees: Standing Committee, Finance Committee, Mission Group, Premises Committee and Catering Team.  
Standing Committee: Fr. Neil Kelley (Chairman), Kari Dodson (Warden), Leo Appleton (Warden), Judith Moizer (PCC Secretary), David Jones (PCC Treasurer) and two representatives of the PCC, Ken Bramwell and Ruth Winder.
Finance Committee: David Jones (Treasurer) (Chair), Fr. Neil Kelley (Incumbent - ex-officio), Kari Dodson (Warden), Leo Appleton (Warden), Margaret Houghton, Chris Price, Gareth Griffiths and Rick Walker.
Mission Group: Fred Nye (Group Leader), Father Neil Kelley, Linda Nye, Joan Tudhope, Joyce Green, Jackie Parry, Kathy Zimak, Rosie Walker, Fr. Mark Waters, Diana Waters, Kari Dodson, Audrey Dawson, David Jones, Judith Moizer, Angie Price.
Premises Committee: Leo Appleton (Warden) (Chair), Fr. Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex-officio), Ruth Winder, Christine Spence, Michael Holland, Michael Broom, Ken Bramwell.
Catering Team: Ruth Winder (Team Leader), Fr. Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex-officio), Betty Sutcliffe,  Christine Spence, Fiona Whalley, Angie Price, Mary Crooke, Linda Nye, Audrey Dawson, Rosie Walker, Lillie Wilmot, Irene Taylor, Eunice Little, Judith Moizer.
PCC members receive information on trustee responsibilities, basic health and safety, risk assessment and child protection procedures.

Church Attendance

There are 111 names currently on the Church Electoral Roll.  During the year, 5 names have been added and 10 names removed.  The average weekly attendance, counted during September, was 115 and the average Sunday attendance during the same period was 91.  These figures do not include the monthly baptism services, weddings, funerals and principal festivals.

Objectives and Activities

The Parochial Church Council (Powers) Measure 1956 states the PCC “is to co-operate with the minister in promoting in the ecclesiastical parish the whole mission of the Church, pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical”.
At St. Faith’s we have a mission statement which confirms our mission to proclaim the Gospel according to the doctrines and practices of the Church of England.
In order to do this our objectives for 2008 were as follows:
1. Finalise our Parish Mission Statement, with full involvement of the members of the PCC and congregation. This Mission Statement will then identify a number of aims and objectives which it is not possible to specify at this time, but they will be under the 4 main areas of Service, Fellowship, Proclamation/Good News, and Liturgy and Worship.
Significant work has been continuing throughout the year in relation to developing the Parish Mission Statement by way of strategic planning. This has involved whole-team Ministry Team meetings and Away-Days, as well as members of the Ministry Team working in smaller subgroups to address the individual areas of Service, Fellowship, Proclamation/Good News and Worship. In addition to these four main aims, we have identified a fifth, underlying aim to support our Mission which is Resources/Sustainability. This links in with our ongoing efforts to maximize the financial resources of the Parish.
2. Plan further fundraising activities, in order that the church, its mission and activities can be sustained.
A number of fundraising events have again taken place throughout the past year, including quiz nights, a 1970s evening, raffles, jumble sale and the Summer Recitals series, which had its most successful year so far, in terms of both finance and numbers attending.  Events have been well supported by members of the congregation, and by the wider community. The 100 Club continues to be popular, and is a welcome regular source of income for the Parish. Fundraising will continue to be a priority for the next year.
3. Renew our commitment to the ‘Giving in Grace’ Campaign.
The PCC, Finance Committee and Ministry Team have all been considering how we can be more effective in maximising giving in the Parish, and in managing what resources we have as effectively as possible. Regular planned giving is sadly not meeting our current expenditure, and the PCC has taken on this challenge as a priority. New campaigns under the banner, “Changed Priorities Ahead” are encouraging people to consider their giving, and to directly link this with the Church’s mission planning, identifying key objectives which can realistically be resourced and sustained.
4. Form a bereavement group, as set out in the objectives for 2007
A group of 20 met initially in July 2008 to consider how best to re-instate a bereavement group. There was overwhelming support with the proposal to establish a permanent group. Refresher/update training for members of the group, and any new members who wished to be involved, was identified as a priority. Advice is being sought from the Diocese about the most appropriate person to facilitate this training, and it is hoped that this will be available as soon as possible.
5. Involve the parish in discussions arising from the Mission-Shaped Ministry course, which came to an end in June 2008.
This has been an extremely successful aspect of our Parish activity over the past year. Three members of the Ministry Team successfully completed the Mission-Shaped Ministry course in June 2008, and have been feeding their learning and growth back into the discussions at Ministry Team and PCC, and on an individual level,  regarding mission planning for the Parish. This has informed our strategic thinking, has led to a wider understanding of ‘mission’ within the Parish, and has helped us understand how we need to link our activities and our resources to our mission priorities. Out of the enthusiasm generated around mission, we elected to run a 6-week Mission-Shaped Introduction course in the United Benefice during Lent 2009.

Health and Safety

A review has been undertaken by a member of the church with specific experience in this field. The PCC has been appraised of the risks and the necessary compliance requirements and these have been put in place.

Protection for All

The church has an active Child Protection Officer, and policies are in place for protecting children and adults. All church members who work with children and young people have had appropriate training and have been CRB checked. Church hall users all have to agree to adhere to church policy as part of their hiring agreements.

Deanery Synod Report

During the year the Deanery Synod has met three times, with one special meeting.  At the meeting in June, Kari Dodson was elected as Lay Chair for the Synod and Derek McLoughlin was co-opted on to Deanery Synod and then to the Pastoral Committee.  Seven Bishops were expected to visit Liverpool Diocese in the week prior to the Lambeth Conference, and Bishop Michael Sande from Kenya would be the visiting bishop to the Bootle Deanery. It had been agreed by Chapter that a Deanery Eucharist would be held on 13 July, 2008 at S. Faith’s, followed by lunch.  This event was to prove to be one of the highlights of the year, with over 300 people attending the service.  It was a wonderful occasion and it is hoped to hold another Deanery Eucharist in 2009.
The Area Dean reminded representatives to bring any important issues from their PCCs to Deanery Synod when they could be discussed and then work their way through to Diocesan Synod and General Synod.
Ministerial Development Reviews had been talked about.  Bootle Deanery had been identified as a pilot deanery to take part in this review.
Deanery Mission Planning / Mission Shaped Ministry, was the main item on the agenda at one of the meetings and was followed up with a special meeting to discuss this further.  It was envisaged that initially two people from each parish would be asked to join the group.

Mission Group

The past year has in many ways been a time of quiet growth in our development as a welcoming church, and in our mission and outreach, and we have much to be thankful for.
* In July last year a meeting for young families lead to a number of fruitful suggestions for children’s worship and activities.
* Our Family Eucharist and Parade services have become firmly established, and are often truly inspirational. Involving the uniformed organisations in leading worship -  in the music, prayers and ‘sermon slot’ – has deepened the experience of worship for everyone.
* With the unanimous approval of the PCC, children are now welcomed into the table-fellowship of the Eucharist after appropriate preparation and before they are confirmed. It was a joy when nine of our young people received their First Communion at Easter.
* Our Children’s Church on a Sunday morning continues to grow in numbers and enthusiasm. New helpers have been recruited.
* In addition to the Holiday Club, we have introduced regular children’s Activity Days, combined with worship, at major festivals: Advent, Holy Week and Pentecost. These are popular and provide opportunities for outreach to new families. We are very grateful to the volunteers, both old and new, who help with these events.
* Following on from the Mission Shaped Ministry initiative, more than forty church members from across the United Benefice attended the Mission Shaped Introduction course. This is tremendously encouraging, and we look forward to the new insights and challenges they will bring back to our two churches.

Report on the Church Fabric

The Premises Committee have met at regular intervals throughout the year and, thanks to a number of generous legacies and donations, we have continued to make considerable progress in some of the church buildings’ most urgent priorities.
From a routine and operational stance, general maintenance has continued to be carried out to the church and hall, and the appearance of the buildings and grounds is generally tidy. We have had persistent trouble with church windows being broken due to vandalism, but these have continued to be fixed through our insurance claims.
The larger jobs that the Premises Committee have co-ordinated over the past year are as follows:
* Pointing and brickwork to the church hall
* Installation of a new kitchen in the church hall, including painting and tiling.
* Work on the church buttresses
* Replacing the gutters and downspouts to the church.
* Disabled access to both church hall entrances
* Handrail to the church hall entrance
* Grounds cleared and levelled behind church hall
* Decoration and maintenance of gents’ toilets in church hall
* Replacement flooring to stairs and landing in church hall
* Remedial roof work to the church hall
* Removal of 6 pews from church to create a community space
Priority jobs and the agenda of the Premises Committee for 2009-10 will include:
* Replacement of church hall door
* Provision of accessible toilets in church hall
* Replacement and fixing of floor tiles in church hall
* Work arising from the Quinquennial Inspection report.

Financial Review

The year under review has been a challenging one where we sought to increase our income against a background of a world economic recession whilst at the same time spending money on refurbishing our church fabric and facilities.
Planned giving by church members (through the weekly envelopes or monthly standing orders) shows a healthy increase of just over 11% on 2007 – although at a monthly average income of £3,091, this is insufficient to pay our monthly Parish Share to the Diocese of £3,502.  Transitional relief for Gift Aid had been announced in the Budget which would secure the level of tax reclaimed for three years.
We are very grateful to the people who have reviewed their planned giving during the year.  A stewardship renewal campaign is currently under way and there have been frequent updates in the Newslink magazine and in sermons.  The blue Gift Aid envelopes continue to be an invaluable source of additional income.
Once again, we have been extremely fortunate in the receipt of legacies from the estates of the late George Smith (part received in 2007), Jenny Kemp and Margaret Hesketh-Roberts.  Their generosity enabled some outstanding work to be carried out in the church and hall, although there is much still to do.
The Saturday Summer Recitals were a great success, due in no small part to the organization and publicity arranged by our Parish Administrator, Liz Mooney.  The net receipts were £2,787 (excluding re-claimed Gift Aid tax) and 1,645 people had visited the church during the season.  Apart from the very welcome source of income, the recitals provide good opportunities for outreach.
Other fundraising events during the year proved to be popular, including a sponsored walk from Southport to Crosby in May, a concert for the Patronal Festival and a 1970s night.  The Quiz Night made a healthy profit this year, despite slightly fewer numbers. Thanks are extended to all those who organized and took part in these important events.
St Mary’s have paid their share of the costs of the United Benefice in full this year and we thank them for their serious response to this issue.  With some debtors outstanding, it had not been possible to pay the Diocesan Parish Share on time and, by the end of 2008, three months’ payments were owing; this has now been corrected.  The cost of the Parish Administrator continues to be supported financially by the Diocese on a sliding scale; this funding ceases in June 2010.
In the 2007 Review, reference was made to the renewal of a lease for the sub-station off Kingsway.  After protracted negotiations between the Diocese, Scottish Power Systems and a firm of surveyors, a new 25 year lease has finally been approved (although this has been backdated to 1998 when the old lease expired!).
As reported above, the receipt of generous legacies has enabled extensive work to be carried out on the organ, the complete refurbishment of the hall kitchen, roofing to both church and hall, and much improved access works to both entrances of the hall.  Extensive glazing repairs have also been undertaken and funded wholly by Ecclesiastical Insurance.  It is also encouraging to note that, since the installation of the new heating system in June 2007, the energy costs are much reduced.  Approval was given to the continuation of the gas supply contract from the current purchasing agency in October 2009.
Registration for the Charity Commission is currently under way and should be completed early in 2009.  No further guidance has been issued by the Diocese in respect of the Internal Financial Controls, although the church continues to follow all good practice and procedures as recommended by the Charities Act.
The financial outlook for 2009 and beyond is likely to be challenging.  There are many demands on our resources and a Quinquennial Inspection of the church fabric is imminent which is likely to place an additional strain on our repairs programme.  The stewardship renewal campaign is vitally important to cover our routine costs and to provide for mission and outreach in the future.

Reserves Policy

The PCC has a Reserves Policy whereby two months’ costs will be maintained as a general reserve.  A Fabric Fund of £5,000 was established to allow the Premises Committee to carry out repairs as identified in the Quinquennial Inspection.  At 31 December, the general reserve stood at £7,317.

Risk Management

The major risks to which the PCC is exposed is under review and a Risk Management Plan is being prepared for consideration by the PCC.  The risks may be categorized as follows:
* Financial risk
* Reputational risk
* Statutory and legal requirements
* Operational risk.

Plans for the future

In 2009, we intend to:
* Develop further opportunities for prayer and reflection as well as faith-sharing and discipleship.
* Develop further our Parish Mission Statement, with full involvement of the members of the PCC and the congregation.  In order to make firm plans for mission and outreach, the newly-formed Resources and Sustainability Group will begin its work.
* Develop further fundraising activities, in order that the church, its mission and activities can be sustained.  We will also consider ways of making new approaches to both individuals and businesses in the wider community and through the Friends of S. Faith’s.
* Renew our commitment to the ‘Giving in Grace’ campaign.  This will build on an appeal made during Lent during a Sunday Mass and we will explore ways in which regular givers can be kept informed on the church’s financial affairs as well as challenging those not currently in planned and covenanted giving schemes to see this as an essential part of Christian discipleship.
* Form a Bereavement Group.  We will seek advice from the Diocese on training and support in this area and explore the possibility of a wedding preparation group with other churches in the Waterloo and Crosby district.
* Involve the parish in discussions, starting at the APCM, arising from the Mission-Shaped Introduction course to see what new and fresh expressions of church may be relevant to our setting.
* Explore our Eucharistic life (how at times we need to express what we believe to be important in a fresh way, particularly aimed at those with little or no experience of church) and our social life, i.e. how that Eucharistic fellowship is developed socially.  Both of these must be seen as mission and growth opportunities.

Approved by the PCC on 5 April 2009 and signed on their behalf by
Fr Neil Kelley
Chairman of the PCC

Election Results

At the Vestry Meeting held before the APCM proper, Maureen Madden  and Kari Dodson were elected unopposed as Church Wardens, following the previous resignation of Leo Appleton.

At the A.P.C.M. itself, the following were elected, also unopposed:

Deputy Wardens: Judith Moizer and Rosie Walker

P.C.C.: Shelagh Mulholland, Lillie Wilmot, Peter Garner, Gill Ellis, Mike Carr, Eunice Little


Catering Team:  Ruth Winder (Team Leader), Fr Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex officio), Lillie Wilmot, Irene Taylor, Christine Spence, Mary Crooke, Eunice Little, Judith Moizer, Fiona Whalley, Angie Price,
Rosie Walker, Audrey Dawson, Linda Nye, Ann Holland
Finance Committee:  David Jones (Treasurer) (Chair), Fr Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex officio), Maureen Madden and Kari Dodson (Churchwardens – ex officio), Chris Price, Rick Walker, Margaret Houghton, Gareth Griffiths.
Premises Committee:  Leo Appleton  (Chair), Fr Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex officio), David Jones (Treasurer – ex officio), Ruth Winder, Christine Spence, Michael Holland, Michael Broom, Ken Bramwell, Maureen Madden, Kari Dodson (churchwardens), Mike Taylor
Mission Group:  Fred Nye (Reader) (Group Leader), Fr Neil Kelley (Incumbent – ex officio), Linda Nye, Jackie Parry, Angie Price, Joan Tudhope, Rosie Walker,  Kathleen Zimak, Audrey Dawson.

Church and Community Reports

Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2009

Catering Team

This was another busy and varied year for us during which we were privileged to cater for the Deanery lunch, at which we welcomed Bishop Michael Sande and his wife, Deanery members, clergy and representative members of the churches in the Bootle Deanery.  The team provided a wonderful welcome and a splendid lunch for which many compliments and thanks were received. The day was helped massively by wonderful weather permitting the use of the Vicarage garden, which enabled everything to run smoothly.   (It was really humbling at one point when a comment from Bishop Michael that he had “never seen so much food,” filtered back to the kitchen.)

The year was not without some sad duties when we extended our usual commitments for people we have loved and lost.  “Thank you” to all concerned for your time and generosity.

Happily in 2008 we had a new kitchen.  What a difference - it makes it almost  a pleasure to cook. Big thanks to Mike Broom, Mike Taylor, Ken Bramwell and others for painting and tiling, and giving us the most appreciated of gifts “a window that opens” there is still some finishing to do, but we are so much more comfortable.  Naturally, not forgetting our generous benefactor George Smith for providing us with the funds to proceed.    

Well done, Catering Team, as usual many tasks well met.                 

Ruth Winder

Churches Together in Waterloo

The committee has continued its regular meetings with all the member churches being represented by at least one of their congregation.  The year’s activities have included shared worship at the Christian Aid Week service in May 2008, the Advent Service and carol singing at the Waterloo Interchange.  A large number of people had attended the Family Fun Day in June where the Gospel was clearly proclaimed via the “In Another Place” group.

This year St Faith’s and St Mary’s were unable to participate fully in the Procession of Witness to the Civic Hall on Good Friday because of the Children’s special Good Friday activity at St Mary’s but the congregation was represented at the service there.   There will be a joint Christian Aid service at Waterloo United Free Church on 10 May and the churches will again be responsible for the house to house collections during the following  week. The churches contributed to the Sefton Fairtrade campaign  by organising a coffee morning with sales of Fairtrade goods, raising £200 for the Christian Aid Gaza Appeal and Traidcraft Exchange which funds community projects in the developing world. Another successful coffee morning was held in aid of a maize mill in Malawi enabling the appeal to reach its  target of £10k, and securing the purchase of the maize mill together with a building to house it.  CTW committee members were invited to tea with Lucy Chipeta, the director of the Home of Hope orphanage in Malawi.
Financially the committee is grateful for the subscriptions of member parishes: however it was decided that it would be more effective this year to advertise events not with leaflets but on the Rotary Club notice board opposite South Road.

The congregations of the Waterloo churches are warmly invited to attend the weekly Monday service at Liverpool Seafarers Centre, where the Rev Greg Cuff is Hon. Chaplain. On the second Monday of each month Holy Communion is celebrated.

We are grateful for the leadership of the Revd Randal Brown as Chair of the committee.

Kathleen Zimak


It is a great pleasure to be able to report that we were able to appoint a very able and talented new Director of Music in September 2008, Sam Austin.  Sam has been working hard to maintain and develop the strong musical tradition here at St Faith’s, and he is an enthusiastic and creative musician with plans for expanding our repertoire and encouraging new members to join the choir. With a view to this, we organised a BIG SING evening – an open rehearsal – in November, which attracted a good attendance and was very enjoyable. We are hoping to hold more of these evenings during the coming year, both as a recruitment initiative and as a way of letting the congregation see some of the hard but interesting work that goes on ‘backstage’!

As always, we are extremely grateful to Stephen Hargreaves, who acted as our Musical Director in times of great uncertainty, and, on Sam’s appointment, has moved back to his role as Assistant Organist. His contribution to our worship continues to be greatly appreciated. We are indeed blessed to have two such talented musicians in our midst.


As has been the case for a good many years now, St Faith’s (and St Mary’s) continue to generate an endless flow of paperwork: service sheets, liturgy booklets, flyers and tickets, to name but a few (including this large booklet!). Thanks to the good offices of our Archdeacon, we have recently gained access to a cheap source of colour printing for magazine pages and centre photo spreads: a welcome development, but whose continuation and frequency depends on sponsorship by members of the congregation and friends!  Newslink  has a monthly run of 350 copies, of which 130 or more are posted, free of charge, to non-attending friends and well-wishers locally and nation-wide. The editor continues to try to provide a mix of news, devotional material, pictures, notices and attempts at humour… and this year has provoked an outburst of healthy controversy. I am grateful to the many who supported me on that occasion and, of course, to all who provide articles, photographs, and dubious jokes and cuttings.

The church website, securely established with an accommodating provider, has continued to flourish. It features a wide range of features, religious and secular, and attracts a healthy number of visitors. We are fast approaching our 100,000th visitor. With the magazine now online monthly in full PDF colour, we have taken another step towards the (doubtless distant) day when the internet replaces paper productions and secures a bit more of the rain forest. If you have yet to do so, please visit (which of course you have done!) where, in the wonderful world of cyberspace, words, pictures still and moving, sounds -   and as many feeble jokes as you could possibly want, all  flourish freely. 

Chris Price

Junior Church

It’s good to be able to report that the Sunday School has begun to grow in numbers: we now have 17 names on the register. Not only that – we have also been very happy to welcome Tom, Julie and Frances as assistant teachers and Gill as a full-blown teacher!
The parties at Christmas and in the summer were, as always, well-attended and great fun, and the weekly classes continue to provide varied Christian instruction, fun and play. Many thanks to all helpers who have made this possible once again.
Angie Price

Men’s Group

In an age where it seems that all organisations need mission statements, codes of conduct, rules, regulations and management structures, the Men's Group is unique in not only having none of those, but actually meets simply because it wants to meet. Through highs and lows, the members have met more or less regularly most months on Sunday evenings, and used our joint experiences of St Faith’s to try to know each other better, and to be able to offer better support to the wider community of Waterloo.

We have enjoyed meals in each other’s houses, and also at the wonderful Spice Company restaurant of Samantha Brown. Although the restaurant is sadly now closed, the food from Sri Lanka was much enjoyed. Food also featured in most other events, from the Christmas pensioners’ lunch funded largely by the group, to the sumptuous meals during our annual retreat to David’s House.

We suffered a huge shock in November at the sudden loss of Kevin Walsh who had been a stalwart of the Group for very many years. His passing has left a huge hole in the Group, and as a very much larger than life personality, stories and happy memories will no doubt feature in our meetings for very many years to come. It was a real privilege to have known Kevin and to join with Sue and the girls at his funeral. His name joins those of former members who have passed away and whose names are engraved on the Silver paten of the Group’s communion set.

We have welcomed one or two new faces this year, and are always happy to see any member of St Faith’s community who wishes to join us for our monthly natters, debates, eats and drinks.

Rick Walker

S. Faith’s Holiday Club

Joan Tudhope ran the August 2008 sixth S. Faith’s Holiday Club.  Once again we received a grant from Sefton Council towards the running of the club and from St. Christopher’s Home Trust, which enabled the children to have a great week.  We were able to run the usual four groups again thanks to a dedicated team of Leaders and helpers.  The Club functioned at full capacity with 50 children attending the week’s activities.  Thanks must go to all the Leaders of the Groups and to those who helped in any way whatsoever.

Serving Team

Last year the serving team suffered a major loss with the death of Kevin Walsh. He was the Assistant Sacristan and played a major role not only on the serving team but also in our lives. Judith has moved to that role and we must thank her for the support she gives to the team. Paul Jones has also been a great help in assisting me with preparing the church on Sunday mornings. Peter Lunt left the team in February and we thank him for all the work he did over a number of years. The team remains strong and, with a large team, it allows flexibility and ensures that we always have enough servers for every service. I would like to thank the serving team for all their hard work and dedication during the last twelve months

Geoff Moss

United Benefice Over 65s Holiday Club

The third Over 65s Holiday Club was held this year in S. Mary’s Church Hall.  The format again followed that of the Children’s Holiday Club in that there were activities each day,  with a half day out to the Dobbies Garden Centre, a full day out to Llangollen, and a fantastic surprise half day to Eccles to the Wurlitzer Organ Experience. The week was a great success.

Walsingham Circle

The Circle met regularly throughout the year.  We visited Holy Trinity Tarleton in September, where we joined with members of their Group in Mass and shared lunch with them.  In November, Fr. Martin Jones and Miriam hosted a visit to St. Oswald’s, Winwick, and in December following Mass and Advent Meditation we enjoyed mulled wine and mince pies.  At the January Mass we welcomed our friends from Tarleton and followed this with lunch in the Upper Room. Many of the Circle attended the excellent School of Prayer in Liverpool Cathedral where the Bishop of Stafford talked on the Psalms.  In March there was a Mass for the Annunciation of Our Lord to Mary followed by Lenten lunch in the Vicarage.

The following programme is set for the rest of 2009 :
 3rd May         6.00 pm May Devotions in S. Faith’s.
30th May         10.30 Mass
7th June         S. Mary’s Patronal Festival & BBQ
25th July         10.30 am S. James’s Day Mass
26th September    12.00 Noon Mass followed by lunch
21st November`    12 Noon Mass followed by lunch
4th December        6.30 pm Mass followed by mulled wine and mince pies.
From Friday 16 – Sunday 18 October 2009 there is a Pilgrimage planned to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham.

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