The Parish Church of Saint Faith,
Great Crosby


Following the report of the Episcopal Visitation, the Bishop of Warrington has extended the period of the Visitation at St Faith’s for a further 18 months. He has appointed the Revd Sue Lucas as priest in charge of St Faith's for that period; she will move into the vicarage and take up her post on February 25th next. To read about the appointment and her inroduction to us click HERE

Press Statement
from the Church Wardens of St. Faith’s Great Crosby
re the Episcopal Visitation report by retired Bishop Stephen Lowe

The report of Stephen Lowe purports to be ‘independent’, but is clearly subjective and opinion based.  The overwhelming majority of those present at the Congregational Meeting on January 20th felt that his was a grossly distorted and one-sided view of the situation.  His report made sparse reference to the carefully considered answers submitted by the PCC to the Diocese’s Articles of Enquiry.  A report detailing the responses of the congregation to Stephen Lowe’s ‘findings’ is being submitted to the Diocese and we shall be requesting that this is also published on their website as a matter of public record.

End of statement

The Parish's Response

On February 5th, 2014, the Churchwardens of St Faith's deposited with the Bishop of Warrington a full statement detailing St Faith's response to the visitation report, backed up by the many individual submissions received from members of our congregation in the wake of the meeting on January 20th. We now   await the further response of the Diocese of Liverpool.

Announcement from the Churchwardens

As you will be aware, Churchwardens act as officers of the Bishop and as such are required to represent him in their duties. However, this can only work with mutual trust and respect.  Unfortunately, as Christian faith appears sadly lacking within the Diocese and indeed in the leadership of such, it has become impossible for the wardens to represent someone for whom they have lost all respect.  Therefore the wardens have written to the Bishop with their resignations with immediate effect. Both wardens are much saddened by this decision, but feel they can no longer fulfil their duties as they would wish.  Many thanks to the congregation for all the support  and trust given to them during their period of office: it will never be forgotten.

Maureen Madden and Margaret Houghton

Read in church, Sunday 9th February 2014

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